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Let's make an RPG maker game -- FAST! That's right. (Those 3+ month jams are tiring, right?!) You have ~2 weeks to complete, and submit your short game. If you need just a tiny amount of time more, message me! I may sway an extra day or two in your favour. Anyway, the point is not that it lacks quality, but it's a rather fast or fast-paced game to complete. Probably less than 3 hours, but that's also completely up to you. Just try your best to make the game not suck!

Also, the rank at the end means nothing! I was going to put un-ranked, but sometimes the ranking system is a good motivator for creators to put a lot of effort in their work. But this is just for fun :-)

Also, only I and other participators will be able to vote! So it's a nice, tight circle of voters.

Need a story? Check out this huge list of RPG plots:

Does your game feel boring? Here are some awesome MV plugins you can use (be sure to give the creators credit!)