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A jam entry

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Tag along on a perilous adventure along with the bard seer.
Submitted by zuvizut with 5 hours, 54 minutes before the deadline

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  • The story could be interesting. I'm not really sure because I only see the "crumbs-of-the-cookie" for now.
  • The cut-scenes is good. The characters look lively. Charas portrait can help to distinguish them easily thought.
  • The maps is simple, and the main map looks like some "Choose your dungeon!" setting. Good for those which want straight-to-the-point approach, but not really for some who loves exploring.

The base-foundation is already sets, you just need to make this complete.
I'm waiting for another game!


Thanks for playing! Did yoy finish the game? I plan to majorly update it oncee the jam is over. That update won't take long. I modelled it after megaman where each boss is weak to another's skill. I plan to add the yanfly battle status display, add difficulty to Avar's level and balance the battles more. This game is in a shared universe of games I'm making.


Not finished yet, because I play on browser, and my net died at the last dungeon (Em Tower).
Maybe I will try later when I got stable connection.


Oh, I see. Well, good luck with that.


There were no instructions for the game. I did not see the whole story, only small fragments on the way to the bosses. The idea is really good, but without a holistic plot I didn't get the enjoyment.


Sorry, I was supposed to add those parts in before the end of the day yesterday. Been too busy. Guess it's too late.


Did you beat the game?


Unfortunately I'am failed. I went to the mountains with dragon at the end. When I decided came back to the town and buy some potions and recover all party members... I stuck between locked doors and unavailable return to the town.


Oh, sorry. The wraith hearts are the keys. You are supposed to defeat the wraiths


When I was cutting corners to post it in time I forgot to redo that tutorial. I am sorry for the inconvenience. Can you replay the game?


Yes I can, but next time do a timed respawn or at least non consumable item)


The point was that you have to navigate through the ice puzzle and defeat the wraith to get to the next area.


Is there anything particularly frustrating about that?

Submitted (1 edit)

I was frustrated by the fact that I could't return to the city. You should make wraith heart item multiple use, like you make wraith1 for 1st door and wraith2 for 2nd door. But when you pass that door this wraith will not consume and you can get pass this door again. Do you understand it?)


Ohhh, I put a way back and you got stuck? Sorry... I will have to remove the transfer back.