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Submitted by zuvizut — 13 minutes, 41 seconds before the deadline

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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Judge's Persoanl Approval Rank#62.6672.667
Thought Provoking#92.6672.667

Ranked from 3 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Jam Judge(+1)

The game is working now and it's quite fun to play. I have not much to add, Naomi already said alot :D Only thing to add, at the altar, when you choose between saving process and the enemy book, it might be better to make the process saving the default (and first) option. Sometimes people click fast through the dialogues, especially after playing the game a while. Saving the process might be more important in this case.

Anyway, the game was very fun to play, please continue the good work! :)


I am glad you enjoyed it. Thank for playimg!


Interesting story/excuse to fight.  But how exactly are these tournaments watched across the universe?  I don't think they exactly have broadcast television. X) I also would've loved to see the story expanded on more as the game went on, but it was pretty much left by the wayside except for some scraps here and there.

My first game I chose the female character.  The "character doesn't like [activity] and wants to get back to  [hobby]" is pretty cliche.  Why did my homeworld even choose me if I'm not the best candidate for this fight?  

I've played the game multiple times, and I couldn't help but notice this: the girl's dialogue and the boy's dialogue after choosing your name is quite different; the boy's is aggressive, the girl's is more passive.  Throughout the game this difference occurs.  Playing as the female character has more dialogue and more humanizing moments between you and the other fighters; playing as the male characters there is only aggression ("I will beat yoooou! (insert loud yell here)" cliche stuff).  In contrast to the female character, who is cool and somewhat sassy, with just the right balance as not to be prideful or rude, the male character is extremely aggressive and pushy, and pretty arrogant.  People are also call the male character "the world's champion", in contrast to the female character, who apparently was just picked at random to be in this fight.  Why did you do this?  It comes off as somewhat sexist to me.

Also why does the male character want to force the other people to leave--is this tournament an intrusion?  Would've loved to see that explored more in the story.
The 4th wall joke ("The one behind the screen.") is kinda weird and not too funny.  It also really wore out its welcome after playing the game repeatedly.
I like the Evolution Shard shop idea.  Hopefully the game's well balanced to accommodate all options; it also might be good to let the player know that some items in the shop are free, before they actually go in the shop.  Also, how do I see how many shards I have, besides when I'm spending them at the shop?  I can see my gold in the menu, not sure about the shards.  The only Evolution Shard Shop Item not really worth buying (besides the Overdrive skill, because the bar never fills enough to use it) is the Self-Heal--not only do I never get enough shards to get it, but I can heal close to that amount of HP with the Spicy Drinks.  It's pretty pointless.
Punching out that guy who was hitting on me was a pretty funny scene. X) I like it.  The female character reminds me or Korra from The Legend of Korra, in appearance and personality.  
I guess the enemies are random; first time (female character) I got the red skinned guy with the mohawk, now (male character) I got green-haired girl.  Also, apparently no one else in this tournament is mortal?  That would've been nice to know before now (when my enemy said "The mortal will be the first to go down")
I wish you that when you info in the Enemy Book, those records would be unlocked for all future games.  It seems a bit pointless to me to unlock an enemy record of a person I'll never fight again, but if I was starting a new game and had that record unlocked already--that might be useful.
The Balanced Bow is a pointless weapon--aside from the boss, you'll only fight two opponents at once during a single battle.  This battle may or may not occur, and even so both enemies are in the front row.  Why have this weapon at all?  Is it only there to be used at the very end, to take out the Shamans?  If you're going to include it, why not have more ranged weapons and opponents?  Even so, I have ranged magic attacks, and Chill hits all enemies; I don't need a ranged weapon and ranged spells, especially since the bow does less damage than the sword.
I never used any consumable other than the Spicy Drink for healing, and later the MP item (because I focused more on MP attacks during one game).  Why have a consumable item for TP if it's not being used?  Pretty much only the HP and MP items are useful in the game.
Who is that green-haired guy who greets me every time I come on stage?  I thought there'd be a little story arc with him or something.  He could've been replaced with the blonde-haired lady.
Guard is a very useful ability, because you can counterattack.  It's so useful I found myself taking advantage of it at every opportunity I could.  It's good to have useful abilities, but I came to rely on this one more than most of my skills.

The final boss was pretty easy.  The chief wasn't too much of a challenge, and the Shamans didn't even fight at all; they just stood there while I killed them.  I know you're going to give them support abilities; that'll make the fight more interesting.

This was . . . this was ok.  The story has good ideas, but isn't given enough attention to let itself shine.  I like the environment and the scraps of the story I got.  The toughest part of any fighting game is balancing it, and unfortunately this game isn't well balanced.  Sometimes it was way too hard; most of the time it was way too easy.  I found myself using the same weapons and strategies repeatedly once I got the hang of it.  This could be a promising game after the jam, with a more developed story and different fighting strategies implemented.  For now it's just alright.


One of my biggest mistakes I make in writing is providing detail. The background is from a fictional universe that I am making safe to say there is a lot of background to it. I will make sure to add more detail in the full release after the game jam. Thank you for the review. You are really good at this and made the many issues clear. 

Jam Judge(+1)

Same error when trying to play in browser. I downloaded the file through dropbox, but running it on my desktop it missed the SE audio file "Decision2". So I can't rate it at all for now.


I am sorry, I will fix that right away.


I am sorry for the long wait. You can play now.


This took a very long time to load.  Let's see what you got. . .

Like the music on the title screen and the announcement voice.
Oh.  I got an error. :( Failed to load: img/characters/!Flame.png
I retried but the error persists.  Hopefully it'll be fixed later; I'd like to play this.


Sorry about that. I will get right to it.


Sorry. I am having issues with my laptop so I can't playtest it. I was sure all the files needed were there. I have a download for it. If that works tell me. In the mean time I will look through the entire project to make sure I have every file.