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A jam entry

Trail IfView game page »

A short journey born from necessity.
Submitted by Lavarette with 10 hours, 7 minutes before the deadline


CriteriaRankScore*Raw score
Thought Provoking#53.3333.333
Judge's Persoanl Approval Rank#62.6672.667

Ranked from 3 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Jam Judge

Uh.. not my type of game.. I'm not a fan of repeating Game Overs until "solving the puzzle". Talking about "limited Budget" made me smile tho. But I guess, rather other game developers will actually get it (like with the fire sprite). You have somewhere a typing where it says "charachter" instead of "character".  The audio/SE/flash1 is missing which keeps popping up and is very annoying.

 Game Over music felt kinda off and not fitting. Looking at the character's skills it says "Magic". Don't know if that's intented as I didn't play the game for too long, but at this point "Magic" didn't seem any related to "mental health studies". 

Anyway, the game requires patience (alot of it) from the player.. first the repeating game overs, then the audio file missing popups. I'm afraid I am not that patient.

(Edited 2 times)

I was told by @zuvizut had to interact with the pipe; before that, I repeatedly got game over by doing what the game said. Look, I don't mind tricky puzzles that aren't apparent to the player at first ("thinking outside the box"), but they need to (1) come naturally and (2) have some kind of hint--it comes across like you wanted me to just hit everything I could until I either got what you had in mind or gave up. And following the experiment comes across as a bug when I get Game Over. That's not good.

After the other person game in and I got the line "A new guy?" I got a Loading Error. Failed to load: audio/se/Flash1.ogg. I was able to continue anyway, and it went to the line "After some conversation" with the error poping up every few seconds for the rest of the game until I closed and reloaded it. Also, why have their conversation be offscreen?! I as a player have no idea what's going on--I want to hear what they're saying! 

Actually, nevermind--"after some conversation", the character says the same thing, that I am new. What was the point, then?
Also does this company kidnap people and put them through this? What the heck?!
The writing really could use some polishing. Grammar especially--it needs work.
Long exposition is boring, I'll give you that, but why was it even needed in that scene? The joke really doesn't make sense.
Good on you for letting us save before the fire. This level is still really hard; sometimes my character takes a moment to respond onthe second part, and the jump stuff in the second part is designed to take a moment to adjust so you can jump over the blocks. But a few seconds is enough for you to die. Bad combo. I also can't hold shift+c+up to jump while running; I have to let go of shift to jump. This is bad in a challenge specifically designed around making the player run. I think I had to retry this part more than ten times before I made it. Hopefully it's there to build to another, longer stage later; otherwise, its gameplay purpose is questionable at best and pointless frustration at worst.
I also ran into a glitch when I reached the present and started running; Aaron would keep reminding me to jump with C.
Got another error in the second resting room: Loading Error, Failed to Load: audio/se/Up3.ogg
OH MY GOSH. I DID NOT EXPECT HIM TO KILL ME! OH MAN, GREAT ENDING! Though that puzzle piece no. 13 thing is pretty confusing and makes no sense to me. The title doesn't make sense to me either; why is it called Trail If?  Also idk if the ending makes it a horror game, and the jam's not supposed to have bloody content?  Maybe I'm looking too far into it.  Personally I liked it; it's definitely not an all-ages ending, though.
Overall, it's ok. The fire race made up the bulk of it, and it's really frustrating. The story's kind of cliche; the only thing notable is that the main character is a child, which you don't see often. The testing arena is nothing new, but this game served as an alright introduction to this world. All the "low budget lol" jokes and 4th wall jokes came across as dumb to me, not funny, and the writing isn't very polished. This game's alright, but I likely won't play it a second time after this.


Thank you for the response and thank you for the comment on the game. The jokes are really lame huh. OTL I need to read more then.

Still, it's great to have someone who passionately critics your game, again, thank you.

Hmm.  This seems like an interesting, if not cliche, concept, and I want to see where this goes.  However, I think I've come across a bug not too far into the game: with the part with the red and blue orb, no matter which orb I take (or whether I take one or both orbs before putting an orb in the terminal), I always get the dialogue "Another one. . ." and then a game over screen.  Why is this?  Is the game incomplete and stops here, or is this a bug?  Or is there something more I need to do (which is pretty unclear)?

No spoilers, but you skipped something.

Hmm, ok.  I'll go back and try to find what I missed.

Could you tell me what it is?  I've been trying to find it for a while. ^^;

Break the pipe by interacting with it.

I like it. It is really smooth, but I couldn't get past the fire part because it lags on my laptop...


Ahhhhh but those are the best part =3=
Well, the ending that is.