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Salvete omnes! The Roman MytholoJam is an invitation to make something interactive inspired by Ancient Rome. Thanks for joining me again for another round! I'd say "When in Rome..." but I really don't want anyone to do as the Romans did.

➞ Guidelines:

  1. Feel free to  brainstorm, outline, or work on concept art before the jam begins, but asset creation should be limited to the jam period!
  2. Gotta be Roman! (It can be tricky to separate very similar Greek and Roman myths, deities, etc; double check that what you're working with has a distinctly Roman quality.)
  3. Entries irrelevant to the theme will be removed.
  4. Before submitting, write at least one line describing your work and how it relates to the theme in the "Description" section of its page. No blank submissions!
  5. Have fun!

➞ Themes & Notes:

Ancient Rome » For our purposes, anywhere from Rome's mythological founding date (April 21st 753 BC) to the collapse of the western empire in 476 CE is especially fair game. Italic Latin, Etruscan, and Greek culture predating 753 is also valid inspiration, as is putting in conversation the Eastern (Byzantine) and Western Empire. Inspiration need not be strictly Imperial (feel free to explore the Republic or the pre-Republic regal period) or relegated to the Italian peninsula, and you're highly encouraged to think critically and avoid glorifying imperialism when working with Rome.

History, mythology, and culture » Entries don't have to focus specifically on mythology, but because ancient myth is so iconic and interwoven with many aspects of ancient history and culture, it seemed like a fitting enough name. That said, you can look to any source you'd like for inspiration — not just mythology! This jam is an opportunity to explore lesser known and marginalized aspects of Roman history  beyond the elite personalities and spectacles we commonly hear about  as well as familiar ones. For resources, tips, and ideas, check out this thread!

Interactivity » Make something interactive! Your entry may be in any format: a sidescroller, a PICO8 game, a 3D game, a visual novel, a Twine project, a comic or interactive print, etc. Whatever floats your corvus!
You're welcome to work solo or look for a team! In the next few weeks, you'll be able to use the community or CrowdForge to connect with collaborators.  You can also post to the hashtag on Twitter.

We'll also have a Discord server (coming soon) where you can chat with other jammers and share progress!

This jam is suitable for beginners!
If you've never made a game or participated in a jam before, you're absolutely welcome to join. There will be no voting, but giving feedback to your fellow jammers is encouraged!

Working with something new that you want to learn more about is ideal — and so is working with something that you're already interested in or know a lot about.

➞ F.A.Q:

Q: How strict is the theme?
A: Not very! So long as your project takes inspiration from something Roman, you're good to go. You could zero in on something very specific, or approach things more generally, and you're more than welcome to create something that isn't set in antiquity or that doesn't "look" Roman, in terms of how we recognize ancient aesthetics. Modern retellings, unconventional art styles, and unexpected genres (like sci-fi) are all equally welcome!

Q: What if I don't finish my game, or have only certain assets completed?
A: That's still great, and you're encouraged to submit whatever you create as a proof-of-concept! This could be art assets, music, a font, etc.

(If you enjoyed this jam and would like to participate in something similar, or if you don't get a chance to participate in this round but would have liked to, the Greek MytholoJam will run again in the fall, and I'll be surveying for input on future MytholoJam concepts soon.)