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Find Your Team! Sticky

A topic by Kirsty Fraser created Jul 23, 2017 Views: 2,625 Replies: 42
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Wanting to jam but no-one to help with art, code, design or audio? Fear not, we're here to help! Find fellow jammers to team up with before the jam starts on August 19th!

Post which discipline you are (Code, Art, Design etc.) and what tools you normally use to build your games. We advice keeping to smallish team sizes (5-6 people max) to keep the productivity high and a better chance of making an awesome game by the end!


I'm Lindar (they/them), and I do Game Audio. I primarily use Pro Tools 12 and I'm also looking for an excuse to learn Wwise.

Primarily I do music, specialising in chiptunes (NES, GameBoy, and hopefully soon C64, all on real hardware), but I also do punk rock, djent, orchestral, folk, ambient, EDM, and loads of other styles.

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Hi! I'm Dawn. I'm an amateur programmer who knows some html/css/javascript. I also am a writer and 2d illustrator who enjoys doing pixel work! I typically use Paint Tool Sai but I know my way around photoshop and clip studio paint. I also know how to use twine pretty well! I am in love with narrative design in general.


Your work is amazing! I hope you find a good team for the jam.

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I am looking for a team, I am wanting to do the design role.  I use Maya and unreal 4, I am just about to jump into unity.  I am not sure that will be jam worthy, but I will see. I am based in Dundee, but I am happy to communicate over slack or something. :D
I am busy on the night of the 19th of August but will be attentive the next day.


HI Mitch!

I'm looking to form a team to develop a VR entry (Vive & Rift) using UE, can alwys use a 3D modeller... hit me up if you're interested! to team up :)


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Hey all, I'm a Sound designer/composer. I would love to be a part of this Jam. Some previous game jam work of mine: 

Let me know if you would like to work together :) 



Hey friends!

My name is Drew Swisher and I am also a composer/sound person.
Having worked in LGBT activism for years and being Bi myself, I'd really love to contribute to the growing body of inclusive indie games!

For the most part I make piano based jazz music; very Animal Crossing inspired stuff.
Here are some examples:

I'm looking forward to seeing what you all make and hopefully contributing as well!


Hey all. I'm a composer who writes orchestral, piano, classical, jazz, some electronic, & fantasy music. 

You can listen to my work here. Let me know if you want to work together!

Deleted post

hello everyone sorry to be late to the party!! I'm a 2D artist looking for team! Although I'm based in Japan, I'll do my best to keep active and sync times with you! 

I'm a little rusty at making games but here's an old example:

my current folio is:

Hope we can get along! Good luck everyone!

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Wow. Freyr looks amazing. As does the rest of your work. My team (currently two programmers and a composer) is looking for an artist. If you're interested shoot me an email at; we'd love to have you on board.

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Hey all, looking for a programmer and maybe an artist. Wanting to make a narrative game with some light puzzle-ish aspects. Have an idea, a writer, and a composer. Looking forward to working with y'all.


Hi there guys. I'm a unity jack of all trades(cept one) kind of person. I'm a computer programmer that uses unity predominantly. my other skills include game music(using lmms and my keyboard), writing/narrative, game design, and animations. my fatal flaw is that i'm very bad at making art assets and having them look how i want, even pixel art is difficult for me and takes me much longer than it ought to. 

I prefer to make 3-d games, but i have a couple ideas for cool 2-d ones too that are ez to implement. I'm a big fan of making smooth game mechanics that feel right.

I'm looking for at least someone to help me out with basic art stuff. Honestly even if your art is stick people, and you can rig that for me in unity somehow, i'm still happy.

if theres anyone else that wants to join me for jam #17 let me know, the more helping hands the better.

best place to reach me is my discord tag KelMCcinthay#0908 (im pretty sure discord is case sensitive) 

Hello guys, i make 2d games with libgdx. have been making them for what feels like almost a year now. 

You can check out my latest work here

And check out my other projects on my page here

If you would like to collaborate please feel free to contact me through twitter or on this thread :)


I guess I'll put a post here and see who's out there. I'm primarily a programmer working in JS/HTML5. Looking to do something a little less tech-heavy for once, and try something more story-driven. A short visual novel for example. So I guess I'm looking for an artist with an interest in that sort of thing, and if you have a story to tell, I'm all ears.

Here's most of my recent jam games:

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Hey, I have a story idea.  My sister (a writer) and I will be writing the story.  I was originally just going to take a stab Twine, but having a dedicated programmer I don't think the idea would be poor for a VN type game. I'm NickF on the Discord. Shoot me a message if you want to discuss maybe teaming up!


Hello! I'm Rosalie (she). The discipline is ART. I'd love to contribute art to a beautiful game and in return to find a team of nice people who will also help me understand the actual process and pipeline of game development, so that this later helps me in job search :)
I'm a biromantic asexual, if that matters :D


Hi Rosalie,

Your drawings are beautiful.

I'm a programmer and I like creating experimental games that offer different methods of interaction - especially player content creation. Last year I created Story of Everyone which came second overall ( See some other games I've created at

I don't know what I want to work on this jam yet - but if you're interested and have Discord or Twitter send me a message @MeleeCitizen and we can see if we have any interesting ideas?

hello! I can't seem to be able to send you a message =( Twitter doesn't allow since you are not following me and I can't find you on discord 


My Bad. For Discord use Citizen Of Mêlée#8505 - you'll probably have to copy and paste for the characters :p

If that doesn't work. What's your Discord?

These are some gorgeous drawings. If you need a second programmer let me know. I am well versed in the worlds of Unity and GameMaker Studio. It looks like you use Phaser which I have just barely touched but would be happy to work on getting up to speed with.

Love your drawings as well! I'm not sure how much time I'll be able to commit to this jam, but if you're looking for a writer/narrative designer let me know :)

Hey Rosalie. These are incredible.

I want to learn about games too - so right now just Lurking! Saw Rainbow jam and was like ooo neat. I bet you could use Tyrano Builder if you want to build novel-based games on your own: I saw some that were just Artworks with a choose-your-own-adventure story. I started using it and it requires no coding. Just story-branching knowledge so you can focus more on the art, text, and sounds. Might be worth a try for you as a first or second project.

p.s. Is there a place where I can see more of your work, so in my future when I'm rich, I can ask for a commission? :D

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Hello :)

Really arriving late here but I'm a coder that wish to experience my first game jam.

I have played around with unity (C#) and just started out a bit with Unreal. I would like to join
a team with programmer(s) already so i can tag along, learn and help out as much as i can.


Want a pixel artist spinningcubes ?

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I was hoping to join a team with another coder so i can learn some things :).

If we have nothing the last day we can form our own rebel team :).


Greetings people 

I'm Daniel and i need a programmer ,i suck in code and i need evolation more in art ,so if anyone need a pixel artist  call me in Discord ,i'm TheThinker ?

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Hi folks!

Looking to form a team for a VR entry (Vive and Oculus Rift / Roomscale). I'm a VR Developer by profession so I do mostly code. I use Unreal Engine 4 exclusively (C++ & Blueprint) so looking for team mates who can work in UE, preferably 3D Modellers, Tech Artists, Animators & Sound designers.

I'm based in Oslo but can only collaborate after office hours and weekends. Hit me up if interested!


P.S.: My prior Game Jam entries (UE4):

Hello, my name is Estefanía.

This is my first RainbowJam, but I've participated in a couple of Global Game Jams and Ludum Dare.

I'm a musician, but have also worked with other aspects of game audio. 

I'd like to do some music/SFX and/or work in game design and writing.

In the future, I'd love to be a game developer so I'm taking some steps towards that. I've just finished a basic C# programming for videogames course and done some Unity tutorials from the Unity website.  Currently doing a Udemy Unity course as well.

Game jams are an excellent opportunity to grow and learn from awesome people from different backgrounds and parts of the world. I'd love to join a team. I hope it's not too late for that.


yo, im an experienced programmer whos been fiddling with video game design the past month or two. if you want to join me im looking for people. since the main thing i want to gain from this jam is to learn how to better work with people. 

im KelMCcinthay#0908 in the discord. ive sent a few messages out to latecomers like youself, but as of right now i have no replies. I'd love to work with as many people as possible, but i think i can hope for a 2-3 person team

Hey, Oracl3, I'm interested. I'll send you a message :)


Oh boy this is late, but hi anyway! I'm Day, and I'm a few-time Ludum Dare veteran looking to team up in a more relaxed-pace Game Jam. I'd have definitely posted sooner, if I'd known about this one earlier than today, but whoops! ><;

I'm pretty much a generalist when it comes to game design; I've done some solo work, but on teams I often do mechanics or puzzle design, sprite art, or stylized pixel-lowpoly 3D. That aside, I'm a decent C# coder too, and I've dabbled in music composition and writing. Here's some stuff I made (Note: most were done as part of 72 hour game jams, so don't judge too harshly)!

Game Pics:



TL;DR If anyone is still looking for an artist, a coder, a composer, or a generalist to fill in for any of the above roles, I'd legit love to have a team to join. I don't want to go it alone if I can help it! :<

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join meee, i havent been able to find anyone to work with T.T im a coder and unity designer. its my first jam but have a ton of coding exp and have spent a lot of time learning unity alrdy. 

im mostly looking for someone to help me with art since i cant draw/model for the life of me. but i would love another voice in the design side of things too!

i was planning on waiting for the theme to be announced to start thinking about exactly what to do, but i've got a lot of SIMPLE and great ideas, at least i'd like to think i do XD.

despite it being my first jam, i think you will find me a particularly easy person to work with :).

Im KelMCcinthay#0908 in the discord (case sensitive)

Heya, I'm Jono. I grew up a game coder in C++ & directX but that as a while back and these days I know Unity a bit, ableton a bit and make sites in C# for a job. 

Would love to join a team to help out coding, even if it's just finding annoying bugs or w/e. 


Heyo, Jimmy here!  I'm gay and living in California.  I'm an artist, and would love to help design some stuff (backgrounds, characters, props?) for anyone who needs it!  samples of my stuff can be found here!  Contact me any way you like!  My twitter handle is @hotdogcouch :]  Hope to hear from everyone soon!


Hi Jimmy!

Really nice work there -- our team is doing a VR game and if you're up for it, we'll appreciate some hands on Art Direction and/or modelling.

We're currently brainstorming our game in Discord, let me know if you're interested and I can send ya an invite. (runeberg#9344 in Discord)



Hey Rune!  Give me a few minutes; gotta figure out Discord a bit.  But yes!  Definitely interested in helping out in any way that I can.


Hi everyone! I'm a ruby developer by profession, but I don't have a lot of experience with game dev. I've been practicing a lot with unity programming (C# and mostly 2D) and I would love to work with a more experienced unity dev if possible. I'm really interested in becoming more familiar with unity workflow, best practices, working with a team, and project management ( especially small projects like game jams!) I'm especially interested in rainbow jam, but would like to help out someone else more than trying to make everything myself this time around.

Best place to find me is discord: catslife#9605


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Hello there! I've worked in the industry for some time, but it's been a while since I haven't jammed ;). Would be happy to help a team/teams with their writing & design process. I do know a bit of basic programming, especially Construct 2 & Game Maker (and also Twine for text games, if that counts).  I'm currently training myself in Javascript. Oh and I'd love to experiment with Voxel more (but I'm a true noob at this) so let me know if you need a hand for anything :) I'd be happy to contribute to any light-hearted, positive, inclusive, cheerful, or comedy game. ('cause my current work is super dark, so something more colorful would be nice :D)

You can poke me on Twitter if needed: @lecrivaillante

Hi there! If you've not made other plans yet, would you like to help our small team design and/or write a cute, inclusive co-op platformer of some persuasion? My Twitter handle is @dahold if you want to get in touch there, and we're currently organizing on the RainbowJam Discord as well.


We're still looking for someone to draw characters for our multiplayer point and click (some details here). If you have spare capacity please do get in touch and I can give you more details :)

@MeleeCitizen on Twitter, Citizen Of Mêlée#8505 on Discord

Hiya, I'm Nom. I'm looking for a team who needs someone in the art dscipline. I am a 3D animator who works in Maya.
Here is my website

Talk about last minute, huh! Just drop me a line if you need me, best way is to email me at

Thanks guys and good luck!

Hi I'm Beth! I'm a concept/ games artist willing to help people out with 2d assets or concept art for their games.  I've got a fairly busy schedule so I don't have the time to create my own game but I'd love to be able to help out in some way!

If you wanna contact me drop me an email at