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Find Your Team! Sticky

A topic by Kirsty Fraser created Jul 23, 2017 Views: 2,627 Replies: 42
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Heya, I'm Jono. I grew up a game coder in C++ & directX but that as a while back and these days I know Unity a bit, ableton a bit and make sites in C# for a job. 

Would love to join a team to help out coding, even if it's just finding annoying bugs or w/e. 


Heyo, Jimmy here!  I'm gay and living in California.  I'm an artist, and would love to help design some stuff (backgrounds, characters, props?) for anyone who needs it!  samples of my stuff can be found here!  Contact me any way you like!  My twitter handle is @hotdogcouch :]  Hope to hear from everyone soon!


Hi Jimmy!

Really nice work there -- our team is doing a VR game and if you're up for it, we'll appreciate some hands on Art Direction and/or modelling.

We're currently brainstorming our game in Discord, let me know if you're interested and I can send ya an invite. (runeberg#9344 in Discord)



Hey Rune!  Give me a few minutes; gotta figure out Discord a bit.  But yes!  Definitely interested in helping out in any way that I can.


Hi everyone! I'm a ruby developer by profession, but I don't have a lot of experience with game dev. I've been practicing a lot with unity programming (C# and mostly 2D) and I would love to work with a more experienced unity dev if possible. I'm really interested in becoming more familiar with unity workflow, best practices, working with a team, and project management ( especially small projects like game jams!) I'm especially interested in rainbow jam, but would like to help out someone else more than trying to make everything myself this time around.

Best place to find me is discord: catslife#9605


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Hello there! I've worked in the industry for some time, but it's been a while since I haven't jammed ;). Would be happy to help a team/teams with their writing & design process. I do know a bit of basic programming, especially Construct 2 & Game Maker (and also Twine for text games, if that counts).  I'm currently training myself in Javascript. Oh and I'd love to experiment with Voxel more (but I'm a true noob at this) so let me know if you need a hand for anything :) I'd be happy to contribute to any light-hearted, positive, inclusive, cheerful, or comedy game. ('cause my current work is super dark, so something more colorful would be nice :D)

You can poke me on Twitter if needed: @lecrivaillante

Hi there! If you've not made other plans yet, would you like to help our small team design and/or write a cute, inclusive co-op platformer of some persuasion? My Twitter handle is @dahold if you want to get in touch there, and we're currently organizing on the RainbowJam Discord as well.


We're still looking for someone to draw characters for our multiplayer point and click (some details here). If you have spare capacity please do get in touch and I can give you more details :)

@MeleeCitizen on Twitter, Citizen Of Mêlée#8505 on Discord

Hiya, I'm Nom. I'm looking for a team who needs someone in the art dscipline. I am a 3D animator who works in Maya.
Here is my website

Talk about last minute, huh! Just drop me a line if you need me, best way is to email me at

Thanks guys and good luck!

Hi I'm Beth! I'm a concept/ games artist willing to help people out with 2d assets or concept art for their games.  I've got a fairly busy schedule so I don't have the time to create my own game but I'd love to be able to help out in some way!

If you wanna contact me drop me an email at 

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