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We're back again for the fifth ever Purple Monkey Game Jam! We've partnered with the Boston Games Forum to help us make this the best event yet. We'll be posting updates through Twitter so follow us to get all the latest news and info. Registration is open! So be sure to grab a spot now before it's too late.

Sonic Bloom will be in attendance for this year's Purple Monkey Game Jam to provide attendees early access to a beta build of their new technology, Koreographer. Koreographer is a Unity plugin that enables game developers to synchronize and choreograph anything in their game to music: animations, sound effects, and even gameplay logic! From simple effects such as HUDs that bounce along to the music to complex scenarios where the music affects how high a player can jump and how fast they can run, Koreographer makes it trivial!

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A twin-stick shooter built in HTML5 where you can take the form of any enemy to avoid detection.
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