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Submitted by WauloK (@waulok) — 2 days, 12 hours before the deadline
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I had a fun time learning PunyInform and hope to learn more and make at least one more game.

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Okay, so I've got to the game of solitaire, but I can't see how to interact with it.  I've tried every verb I can think of.  Am I even supposed to be trying to play it?


Hi! No you don't need to interact with it, but as a spoiler write down the cards shown as you may need them later ;)


I worked it out. You use search a lot. Use that to find the hammer.

For anyone else that's stuck, use the hammer to find the collar. Read it backwards. Think in terms of colours. What's the only one that can be found on the buttons? If it worked on the collar, it'll work on the buttons.

Very devious.


Glad you got there in the end! :) I hope the ending was at least a bit interesting.


I need a hint too. I suspect it may be a guess-the-verb issue, but I'm not sure. I haven't got quite as far as Dee, as I'm missing the hammer. I've been trying to pry, prise, prize, lever, lift, remove the boards, but without any luck. Maybe that's what the hammer is for?


Can I have a hint please?  :)

I have:

  • the hammer
  • the batteries

I do not have:

  • anything to unlock the doctor's door with
  • anything to paddle the canoe with
  • anything to support the boards with
  • anything to put the batteries in
  • anything to hit with the hammer
  • any idea what the code word is for the safe

I have also slept about 35 times but Freddy still hasn't killed me.

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Take the hammer back to near the pub


Thanks, will do.


These three are connected...

anything to paddle the canoe with

anything to support the boards with

anything to hit with the hammer.

I also struggle with safe and doctor's door. I assume once we open safe, batteries will find their purpose, but maybe I'm wrong. 


Maybe it should have been a crowbar instead of a hammer :D