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If You Ever Owned A PS1 Or Ever Played Once You'll Probably Know What This Game Jam Is All About

But In Case You Don't! Let me explain

This Game Jam Is Based Off The Famous Home Video Game Console PS1(or PSX however you want to call it)

All The Games That Will Be Submitted Here Are Supposed To Be PS1-Themed

For More Details, Please Read The Submission Details


1. Must Have PS1 Graphics: If It Doesn't Contain PS1 Like Graphics, Your Game Will Be Cancelled

2. Must Be Free: It Won't Be Cancelled If It Isn't Free, But It  Will Decrease The Chance Of Winning

3. Must NOT BE Already Made: If You Submit An Older Project Of Yours, It Will Be Cancelled

4. MUST BE YOURS: Don't Just Copy Games! Use Your Own Imagination!

Extra Points:

1. Classic Titles Rip-offs: If You Want You Can Recreate Games Such As Spyro, Metal Gear Solid, Resident Evil etc. But It's Completely Optional

2. Horror Or Stealth Genre

3. Recreating PEPSIMAN

4. Memey

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3d Action Platformer
couch two players kids
An incomplete game jam game that I might come back to one day!
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