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For the IRC channel can we use discord?

A topic by Donni created Oct 29, 2016 Views: 421 Replies: 6
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To Jam Organizers:


So for the IRC channel, can we use Discord? Since most of us game devs already use discord for these types of communities and have accounts.


That's a good idea! Is there a way to make Discords open for everyone to join? I've not just Discord much but one problem with Slack is that we need a manual invite system.

+1 for Discord.
Discords onboarding is fantasticly simple.
Simply click the big + on the left, click Create Server or Join Server.
Create Server makes a new one in the region you want. Click Invite People to get a link to share out. Done in 3 clicks.
Other people click that link to join the server, and are only asked to choose a username if they've never used it before. Click, type, click, joined

@Cut Garnet Games, Discord is open to everyone, you just type in what you want to be called. Creating account is 100% optional is is not mandatory to use discord. You just need to share the chat group invite link.


Ok, sounds good, I think this is a good move. Let me sort stuff out and I'll post details here when we're up!



I'll make a sticky with info like this soon.

Yeah! Its online!