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Code Of Conduct - Please Read Before Posting Sticky Locked

A topic by Cut Garnet Games created 21 days ago Views: 49
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PROCJAM is a community that mostly lives online, and often in spaces we don't control (like Twitter). However, for spaces like itch's community forums and our Discord, we do have rules that we expect you to abide by in order to keep the community safe and nice to be a part of. In addition to that, we've also added what we're calling a Good Citizen Guide which isn't a set of rules but gives you some advice on how to be a better member of the PROCJAM community.

Code Of Conduct

We want to create a harassment-free online space where everyone can be creative and feel safe, regardless of gender identity, age, sexual orientation, disability, race, ethnicity, religion or technology choices. In particular, please refrain from:

  • Making offensive comments or jokes related to any of the above topics. Be sensible - if we haven't included something above, please use your common sense. We may amend the list to clarify additional areas. 
  • Posting content (including screenshots of things you're making) that might disturb people, without an appropriate warning. e.g. If you're making a game with a lot of sexual imagery, that's fine! But please post warnings in subject titles, or link to content offsite instead of embedding it.
  • Harassing or disrupting conversations or threads other people are having.
  • Harassing users directly, including pressuring people for personal information.

Failure to comply with these rules will result in you being excluded from PROCJAM's discussion spaces.

If you are being harassed or suspect someone else is, you can contact any of the following team members:

  • Michael Cook (@mtrc on Twitter)
  • Jupiter Hadley (@jupiter_hadley on Twitter)
  • Hectate on our Discord
  • KaynSD on our Discord (also @KaynSD on Twitter)
  • Stella Mazeika on our Discord (also @StellaMazeika on Twitter)