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Quite ContraryView project page

Flower generator using a mid-century modern aesthetic
Submitted by annetropy — 1 day, 12 hours before the deadline

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Very pretty! I included it in my ProcJam compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look. :)


Thank you for the link! I've been enjoying watching your compilation videos so far and I feel honored to be a part of it this year. :)


Hey there, I'd love to try this but it crashes for me on macOS 10.13.3 High Sierra with this stack:

9               0x00007fff4729a95b TCoreTextEngine::LayoutSingleLine(THIThemeTextInfo*, float) + 59
10               0x00007fff4729a8c9 TCoreTextEngine::Layout(THIThemeTextInfo*, float, float, TextLayoutType) + 59
11               0x00007fff4729a635 TCoreTextEngine::GetThemeTextDimensions(double, THIThemeTextInfo*, double*, double*, double*) + 43
12               0x00007fff4729923e DataEngine::GetTextDimensions(void const*, double, HIThemeTextInfo*, double*, double*, double*) + 276
13               0x00007fff472990f9 HIThemeGetTextDimensions + 191
14               0x00007fff47298bbb HIMenuBarView::MeasureMenuTitle(MenuData*, unsigned char, float*, int) + 393
15               0x00007fff4729897a HIMenuBarView::MeasureAppMenus() + 226

Enough people were having issues with the executable version that I converted it to an online tool, so you should be able to run it from this page now. Thank you for letting me know about the issue!

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I saw this on twitter and I really wanted to test it! But, it don't works for me :( (I'm on windows)

When I click the exe, nothing happens.

I don't know if Linux and Windows builds are really supported, since they are only a few kb/b and the Mac 70 mb.

Am I doing something wrong?


The mac version is huge because it has to include a bunch of extra stuff. I'll see if I can get on a PC and try it out and figure out what's going on. I was just following the directions from Processing but I must have done something wrong. Thanks so much  for bringing it to my attention! I'll let you know when it's fixed. :)


OK, I believe it is fixed now. I've tested it on a PC and it works, although the saving an animated gif did not. I'm testing that out, but I may just put the whole thing on open processing and save myself a lot of these issues. ;)

It works perfect, thanks! (well, except the gif as you said)

And is beautiful! The results looks totally like there is some kind of constructivism artist (I think is called constructuvism that style (something like this:)) 

Imagen relacionada

Resultado de imagen de constructivism art

behind the "painting".

You could even expand the forms/patterns to create tons of different results

Awesome job :D


PS: You made also a procedural panda generator :D


Oops, and I forgot to say that I hope to be able to work on it more and incorporate more from mid-century art, but also look at other art movements. :D


Thank you!! I'm not as familiar with my art history as I wish I was, but it was definitely inspired by earlier art movements. :) 

And I love that you found one of the pandas! It's quite good at generating pandas and bears with monocles. ;)

Hahaha! Love it!! :D


This looks great, really like the colors and shapes you chose. Nice work!


Thank you! :D