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Due to the global pandemic occurring currently postal services are having a tough time as there simply is not enough mail to send.  So, here's where us indie game designers can step up and help out!  I envision us making as many games as possible which require the players to send something through the postal service.   For example, give them a framework for creating characters and have them send mail back and forth to another player. I used the USPS symbol as I am based in the United States and creating this game jam was prompted by the current administration refusing to bail out the USPS, but creators in all countries are welcome as I'm sure this impact is felt everywhere.


1.  No games with homophobia, racism, ableism, transphobia or any form of hate.

2.  At some point your game requires the player(s) to send someone something in the mail.

3.  The game material sent through the mail must be safe and allowed to be sent through the mail.


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serial journaling game of futility and invention
A Modular TTRPG of Oracles & Overcoming
Chronicle creative creatures through the mail
Map making game played using the postal service
A game about false identities, murder, life advice, and bears
A solo-journaling (+ writing to friends) RPG meta-game about sending useful items to friends playing other games.
a letterwriting collage game
Desire, codes, and micro-missions- Oh my!
A survival horror postcard-writing game for two players/households.
A play by mail game where you learn about humans and emotions
A play-by-mail story game about ghosts
A letter-writing game about creating animal friends, a peaceful island home, and heartfelt messages.
A cooperative letter writing and Tarot collection game for two players
A Game of Collaborative Storytelling
a postcard to close the distance in between with idle talk.
A letter-mailing game of urban legend horror
Create your own superheroes and send them to your friends in the mail
a letter writing game about what DOESN'T get sent
A game about sharing space, even when we're far apart.
A letter writing game about resource pooling, mutual assistance, fantasy disasters, and sometimes mammoths.
Building a campaign world using the USPS
A collaborative story telling game by mail for 3 or more players
A Game of Collaborative Storytelling through Art
A letter writing game of discovering objects and researching their truths
a chain-letter ttrpg about dogs that can't tell mail from food
A microfiction game of weird horror playable through the post