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What game engine are you using?

A topic by jox created Jul 24, 2017 Views: 295 Replies: 4
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Just a bit of talk out of curiousity. What game engine are you using (if you're using one)? What type of game are you going to make? 

I'm going to make a visual novel / simulation type of game (that's my plan so far, anyway), in the Ren'Py VN engine, since I already know it well. Nothing wrong about learning new things,  I just feel like I'd rather focus on making a story and assets right now than learning about another engine or improving my programming skills much.


I'm using Godot (I made my other game - - in Godot and I tried Unity and couldn't get the hang on it) pretty for the same reason in that I'm used to it.

Im using Unity, since Im most familiar with it. It's mostly in space, since I don't want my game to look like an asset flip, and want to show a different way of showing life after earth is all but destroyed.

I'm using Ren'Py as well, for similar reasons.  I was thinking about using RPG Maker as I recently got my hands on the 2003 version, but I think I should probably practice that without a set time limit first before I try to jam with it

As i see the theme post apocalyptic i thought 2d games so im going to use Rpgmaker Mv lol... Hmmm this one is actually going to be hard because there is a marriage system