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Poems written about work, to avoid working
i once wrote a paper about how long doctors have been obsessed with us. it's always been ugly.
Excerpts from The Poet's Lunchbox podcast
Themes include renunciation, self-denial, romance.
poetry booklet
this is a collection of poetry written in the past 6 months. i don't really want to talk about it.
the words of a teen girl
my story of school, growth, and her in short poems
Interactive Fiction
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a short collection of queer/trans Jewish poetry
a female knight poetry anthology
Interactive Fiction
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Realities, fantasies, selective omissions
my story of love, life, and loss in short poems
Interactive Fiction
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it's like yoko ono's grapefruit
a zip file with 2 txts
A handful of scathing poems about art school, beauty, socialism, and for some reason, Frozen.
a poemary? a website? could it be considered a game? I would.
a bedtime poem
Interactive Fiction
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a little collection of love poems with minor updates to the introduction.
A game(Kinda) where you can read poems written by various videogame characters.
Visual Novel
more poems from the past year. some newer, some older.
A Poetry Zine by a Growing Boy Malaysian Poet
an erasable twine zine about some stuff that felt like the apocalypse but no i guess global warming's still gonna get me
Interactive Fiction
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Poems about leaving and living
Poems about so-called monsters
Poems about dissociation, messy breakups, and healing
The mess of emotions called youth
the feeling of being chased by big ideas and big buildings, curses, spells, birds, herbs and nothing in particular
A bunch of haiku I wrote for a poetry jam
comic poetry zine of queer love, rats, supermarkets and sulking
A series of platonic love-letters written during & in the aftermath of a friendship-breakup
This is a booklet for the Jewish morning weekday prayers.
A zine compiled for Poetry Jam February 2020
I unironically love talking about the weather please join me
poems written against national day and the warlike nation—specifically mine, but yours too if you'd like
Poems inspired by memories of the Bible Belt from its very own black, bi, agnostic daughter.
Poetry about plurality and faith, memories and dreams and just barely treading water.
Experimental poetry microchap on jam and gender
Poems about embracing human flaws.