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Fullmetal:Prince - Pizza Jam 2019 VersionView game page

Game about a prince made of metal with no explaination whatsoever...
Submitted by @lord_stett (@lord_stett), Inst1nctive, nuttatulipa (@nuttatulipa) — 30 minutes, 48 seconds before the deadline
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Fullmetal:Prince - Pizza Jam 2019 Version's page


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Use of Theme#442.6833.000

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My god, this game looks amazing. The mechanics are nice and I'd like to play more (So I'll follow you with my personal account to see the post jam version).
The pit was impossible to overcome, but it adds a nice difficulty to the game.
I really want this game to win a pizza.


Thank you very much! That's some real words of encouragement for the whole team!

To be honest, I was thinking I can make the pit work (I worked on the code) till the very end of the jam but, well... you know the result. We are currently reworking a few things for Version 6 so be prepared for some changes ;)

Thanks once again!


Reply from our artist 😎


I'd love to see their animations.
Keep up the good work!


The art and aesthetics in general are great.

This game really just needs more cards, more choices.

The amount of movement cards really takes space from damage cards.

I would maybe consider separating basic movement (left/right) entirely from the cards. It could eat up AP like it does now, but separating it would allow for more space for other cards. Another option would of course be to allow the player to hold more cards in general and increase the rate of cards gained or maybe make special cards that gain you more cards. etc. etc.

Basically what I'm saying is that whatever you decide to do, this could with some more time become a really great game.



Our whole team of three is working on the game as we speak, making it better and more filled with content. 

Your input is almost exactly on point with our perspective on the game at its current state! We are going to allow player to make their own deck in the future, so the movement will be made separately from cards.


The aesthetics are really good though some animation would been nice. The pits is kind of annoying and the AI cant jump from it but i see great potential in this game (also maybe an option to remove unwanted cards or hold into cards for later use)


Thank you very much! We're working on improving it quite a bit. You can follow the process on the Updated Version of the game :)


(about jam version because it is a jam submission page)

Well, without a story applied to gameplay the "prince"-ness part feels kinda worthless(
I mean, it could be equally named "fullmetal dude" and there would be no in-game difference.

The maneurability of this guy in air is formidable. Probably has some anachronistic jets)

The attack mechanics is  unintuitive at best.
You stand right next to the guy and want to attack him.
click-click on the sword and nothing happens.

Probably because you need to be 1 extra step apart from him dunno.
Some sort of error message probably? (can't do because of sth and sth)
Even when you do attack there is no indication whether you hit or not (or maybe I just miss all the time. Still - unclear).

Developer (2 edits)

Thank you for the feedback. The game was quickly put up together with many troubles on the way.

We're currently working on making this more like a proper game than just a concept but that's what it is right now - a concept, gameplay demo. 

Your input is significant and we will focus on the elements you mentioned. Thank you for your time! 

Have a good day!