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Ladies and gentlemen, Pizza Jam.

As you might guess, our personal twist on the Game Jam is the top prize being Pizza from your pizzeria of choice with whatever suits your fancy on top!
The guaranteed prize is pizza delivered to you, as long as you are in any place where we can somehow send you some sweet cheesy slices but if somehow we run into some extra cash, through donations for example, that will be put towards extra prizes! Such as hardware, ad credits, etc etc. 

"But wait! How do I join and get the chance at some high calorie goodness?!"
Well I'm glad you asked! You can join very easily! First, join the discord at  and type in !rank Pizza Jammer to get that sweet new role! To submit your game and see current submissions check out!

Rules Rules Rules:
Theme: 2D Racing Game in "top-down" view style.
You may participate solo or with a team.
Start date is September 15th, 2017.
Entries taken up until October 9, 2017.
Winners announced & pizza delivered Monday, October 16, 2017
We will work with each winner individually to deliver via their favorite store, and pizza toppings of choice.
Any platform (Mac, or PC) language or software (Unity, Unreal, Godot, etc.) as long as you can deliver a working build.
The final game build should be delivered as a zip archive of the executable file & game resources.
Previously made games OR games built on old unfinished ideas are allowed, as long as they have not been published anywhere or entered into any previous contests.
Winners will be chosen by sum of vote by Gamedev Cafe moderators,

Good luck everyone! See you in the Jam

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Top-down 2D Rick and Morty themed racing game
Atrusario and Binary's entry to the Gamedev Cafe pizzajam
A nostalgic drive on a neon freeway
You're an alchemist in a pinch!
Top Down 2D Pirate Racer
Kasbah Rally, open world top down rally racing, and Halouverite's entry into the Pizza Jam