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Pixel Horror Jam Entry Listing Sticky

A topic by Julieraptor created Aug 18, 2016 Views: 1,001 Replies: 22
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You can use this thread to post about your projects and what they're about!

I also recommend creating a devlog to show people your progress on your jam games!

Best of luck to you/your teams!

Here is my entry:

"Shadow of the keyhole" is a 3D first person lowrez game made in Game Maker Studio, the main topic of the game is traveling through several dimensions seeing different kinds of environments while discovering the main villain and plot.

There is nothing to see yet but here is my devlog if you want to follow: http://sotk-game.tumblr.com/


Everyone Dies At The End (Working Title)

Dark comedy horror. The end is nigh for a mysterious land, filled with peculiar creatures. As an archangel, you are given complete moral authority and sent to the Earth to decide who lives and who dies. Depending on who lives and who dies, the Earth will experience great changes. There is no right answer.

I post screenshots sometimes on the Discord channel if you want to follow the creation of the game.


A quirky, black comedy horror game about a young girl trying to find her sister, and the three merciless beings that won't let her leave their realm until they're done playing their games. It's a gruesome slumber party, and everyone's invited!

I'll mostly be posting about it on my tumblr!

Good news! AetherLung has arrived! Time to free theCitizens from theMachine of theInvisible. Some citizens, theDead, have already escaped, though unfortunately are suffering at the hands of theVultures. Far away, theBishops await the return of theElemental, while theBalance study the alien language of cyberneticAlchemy. Follow my DevLog and I'll start posting my pixel art horror game progress on 8/21 @ AetherLung's DevLog

I'll show up fashionably late with starbucks, sure. Hello hi.

Chorna Ruta will be a mildly spooky adventure game made using RMXP. A Ukrainian tradition (mostly in the Carpathian mountain regions) is that on Kupala Night, a single rue will turn red for a few moments before turning back to its original yellow color. Girls who find this red flower will find happiness in their love life. However, no one ever warned Lyudmila that there was a black rue as well, and she should have never tried to pluck it...

The shiny brand new dev blog is currently empty as I still need to make literally everything, but hopefully sometime between now and Halloween things will happen on it!

Submitted (Edited 2 times)

Desolate Village

Desolate Village will be a puzzle, mystery, adventure horror game made using rpg maker MV. The game is about a young man that find himself in a village that is inhabited by animal villagers. He does not remember how he got to the village. All villager seem to be kind and friendly but they all know all about the main character, even though he has never met them. The villager might be hiding a secret.

Update: I rename the game. So that it would not cause confusion, with my game and the game Animal village that's is in this game jam.

I'll mostly be posting on my http://choko-flan.tumblr.com/.

The Enigma Beneath The House is a horror-mystery game made in RPG Maker MV. Its an exploration-based game in which you try and unravel the mystery of an old house, and why you've found yourself trapped within it. It's more pseudo-horror, relying more on unsettling atmospheres and 4th wall breaking than actual straight horror.

Am I allowed to make a thread here on this forum for it? Because that is what I would like to do.


I'm also making a game called Animal Village. It'll be a psychological horror topdown shooter centered around exploring a hole. Very freudian, you see.

Also fashionably late! Hello hello. I wasn't going to participate, but all these cool games inspired me!

" ChainLink "

A quick & pink RPG "Horror Elements" Game. Your heroine, Zariah Croft, must survive a week at school with some supernatural force out to kill her. She must watch every step she makes as she tries to discover what is trying to kill her, why, and just who at her new school can she even trust?

The gameplay uses puzzles and relationship building to unravel the mystery. It certainly does not fit into the traditional horror game mold as the game is intended to be bright, cute, and out to lure you into a false sense of security. Please don't play the finish product if you have a nervous disposition, dislike gore, have triggers for ABUSE or MANIPULATION,and/or are sensitive to spooky elements.

Mostly posting over heeere: http://chainlink-dev.tumblr.com/

Let's do our best, everyone!

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So... I really got to do this, eh?
Welp, here we go.


It's been a long and tough road ever since the end of World War Two. Ever since the death of your teammates from the hands of the German War Machine, you walk alone in a world where soldiers are no longer needed for as peace presumes its course. You, being the unsung thirteenth of a single squad who tried to liberate and escape a German concentration camp, managed to run away from such a place... but not without the unintended sacrifices of your twelve squad mates. Being the only one left from your team, you are haunted by their frightening images as you are left to wander alone in a place where soldiers aren't of need anymore. Do you intend to continue this long and dangerous road? ...or do you intend to pay the price for being the only surviving squad member in your team?

Unlike some games where the characters are cheeky, cute living bastards, the game focuses more on the thoughts and horrors that a veteran soldier faces in a world where war isn't a job application anymore. The game doesn't rely on jumpscares and anything that just puts it apart from the horror genre. But a bit of a reminder, it's not for the faint of heart. It is rather a nerve-wracker considering that you just don't know where they come from.

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My game still doesn't have a name, but it's gonna be "a horror dating-sim."

You go to a bar after a long work day, and meet four individuals. By the end of the week, you've gotten to know one of the better,, but things might not have turned out how you were expecting.

I challenged myself to create a game that only takes place in one area and with a silent protagonist. I have a development blog at http://mannytsusgames.tumblr.com/ if you're interested to see how the game is coming along.

I'm making an adaptation of EA Poe's "The Tell-Tale Heart" with RPG Maker VX Ace Lite. It's going to be very short, but I'm including four endings - the "true" ending and three alternative endings, depending on what actions the player takes.

It's going to be my first "full" game, so I'm quite excited!

Hi, I'm not sure if I'm allowed to reply here, so sorry if I'm not, but...

I just wanted to say I really like your idea! Poe's works make great inspiration for horror, and The Tell-Tale Heart used to give me chills as a kid (perhaps Poe is not something a kid should be reading...) so I'm very excited to see this idea in action!

Hi, and thank you very much!

I think "The Tell-Tale Heart" is a good depiction of paranoia and/or monomania (Poe's favourite) and remorse. I hope I see this project till the end - I'm glad you're excited!

Submitted (Edited 1 time)


I'm making a survival horror game called Motel 666 using Unity. It's about surviving the night/escaping from a haunted motel. It draws inspiration from the old Resident Evil and Silent Hill games for mechanics and tone, and the pixel aesthetic is heavily inspired by The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past.

So far I've scoped the project on a Trello board so I actually stay focused and finish it on time for the deadline, as well as creating all of the main character's sprite animations.

I'll be posting a dev log thread on here and will make accompanying posts on my tumblr and twitter feeds. Looking forward to trying everyone else's games!

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I made this account to join this jam, it will be a pixel style horror story heavy on ramdomly generated content in order to give it at least some replay value... Kinda like this : "My other game..." , but much better, of course, with more story, and pixels, and less walking around ...! ;)

PS : Some things said here may or may not be true... I don't know...!

EDIT : By the way, how do I add my game to the jam, should it ever be finished? I missed that part, sorry if it's obvious and I still missed it...

You have to finish it before submitting.

Yeah I guess so... And I also think I found the way to submit a game to the jam ...! ;)

Thanks for replying, anyway!

Thing didn't go as planned, I found the game to be too hard to make... so I didn't... Sorry about that, maybe next time! ;(


The game i am making will be a mix of early Resident Evil style horror game and Doom style mechanics.

The city is shrouded in darkness, surrounded by impenetrable fog and plagued by zombies and other horrible creatures. You are the only survivor and you must find the source of the plague and kill it.

This game will be developed using Unity and I will post updates on my Twitter.

Thanks and good luck to everyone in this jam!



A point and click adventure horror game that our two person team will be working on for the Pixel Horror Jam. We will be using libGDX to develop and are looking forward to submitting our entry.

The story begins with you going to search for your uncle who has been missing for a week, the last place he was seen was at his cabin near Kootenay National Park. However things start to go wrong when you begin to suspect that you are not alone and you must escape.

Feel free to follow my dev blog here or to check out my twitter where I will be posting updates as well.


Ninja is about a lost love where you play as the princess in a battle against the killer of her true love in this horror story. Your happiness was ruined and now you have to battle zombies and bats for eternity never able to reclaim what was lost and forever haunted by the slayer of your dreams and your lust for gold and gem stones.