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Pixel Horror is a special genre that continues to grow not only since the release of games such as Ib and The Witch's House, but also with games like Soundless Mountain and Lone Survivor, Imscared, and Deep Sleep. Thanks to these, many new interesting games with exciting premises have been cropping up.

Plenty of people have a neat idea to add to the growing list of in-development games but never have made a game, so why not take this opportunity to create one?

In the Pixel Horror Game Jam, your objective is to...

  • Create a horror game with a story in any engine
  • Use pixel aesthetics to convey it
  • Simple as that!

So... Why do a game jam?

  1. You can get that idea nagging you out of the way.
  2. You can learn how to use a certain engine.
  3. You learn about time management.
  4. It helps you build a portfolio.
  5. You might make some new friends if you decide to build a team!
  6. It's fun!

Where do I start?

Submissions are due 31 October 2016 on 23:59:59! Voting will also start then!

Voting for best categories will end on 7 November 2016 at 23:59:59!

Hey, you're cool for doing this. How can I support you?

Please take a look at my development blog!

Pixel Horror es un género especial que continúa creciendo no sólo desde el lanzamiento de juegos tales como Ib o The Witch's House (La Casa de la Bruja), sino también con juegos como Soundless Mountain y Lone Survivor, Imscared y Deep Sleep.

Gracias a estos, muchos nuevos e interesantes juegos con premisas excitantes han surgido.

Muchas personas tienen estupendas ideas para agregar a la creciente lista de juegos en desarrollo pero nunca han hecho un juego, ¿así que por qué no tomar esta oportunidad para crear uno?

En el Pixel Horror Game Jam, tu objetivo es…

  • Crear un juego de horror con historia en cualquier engine.
  • Utilizar estética en pixeles para transmitirlo.
  • ¡Tan simple como eso!

Entonces… ¿por qué hacer un game jam?

1. Puedes quitar esa idea persistente de tu camino.

2. Puedes aprender a usar cierto engine.

3. Aprender sobre manejo del tiempo.

4. Te ayuda a construir un portafolio.

5. ¡Podrías hacer nuevos amigos si decides hacer un equipo!

6. ¡Es divertido!

¿Quieres reclutar un equipo? ¡Usa los foros de la comunidad!

*Difunde sobre tu juego…

  • ¡En los foros de la comunidad!
  • ¡Con #pixelhorrorjam en Twitter y Tumblr!
  • ¡Crea un blog de desarrollo!
  • ¡Menciona @pixelhorrorjam en tumblr con tu juego!

¡Presentaciones hasta el 31 de Octubre 2016 hasta las 23:59:59! ¡Los votos comenzarán también entonces!

¡Votaciones por mejor categoría terminarán en Noviembre 7 de 2016 a las 23:59:59!

(Gracias a Maca Espinaca por traducirlo!)

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Why not stay inside?
An alternate take on the classic fairytale of Rapunzel. Puzzle game with horror elements.
There seems to be something wrong with your new house after all.
Visitors Welcome!
An ultra hard narrative puzzle game that stretches beyond your device.
Do you see it?
Play in browser
A survival game set on a damaged spaceship, made for Pixel Horror Jam
Play in browser
A procedurally generated lo-fi horror game.
You checked in...will you check out?
What happened in this hotel?
Persevere to be complete.
Horror game about cats.
Role Playing
Explore the crypt full of traps and mysteries
Annabelle crashes her car and is taken in by Mrs. Hannover. But something is off about her, and her rotating house...
Defeat The Necromancer and save the Princess!!!
How do you see the forest?
Play in browser
What is behind the retina? Found by yourself a mysterious world.
Help Nerd to escape from this Spooky Mansion in 2D-vania Style
You are an underworld grim reaper, take the souls and reach the end.
Clean stuff up.
​Explore the garden's maze and meet the fear that lies within
slay zombies and bats and collect gold and rubies
A tiny experimental drawing game with a twist, made for the Pixel Horror Jam 2016.
Should you trust them?