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How are you guys doing? / Progress Report

A topic by Achie created Mar 17, 2018 Views: 448 Replies: 42
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Nearly done now!!! Got all the audio working.


Done for me too, but after the rating, i want to continue this project.
Things i cut:

My sanity
A proper background, menu, and map
Most of the sounds effect
A score saving system

yeah i need to update the game after the jam too, there was a major bug in the HTML5 version basically breaking the entire game, unfortunately that will reduce players because people are more inclined to play a browser game. So yeah u have to download for windows now 😵


Gg guys, great work! Let's see each other next time :D (i'll probably partixipate in every other, or third one)


I just uploaded a new OSX .dmg build of Witch Color that should work correctly. (I have a lot to learn about OSX distribution processes)

If you have a Mac, please check it out

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