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Nielle's MiasmaView game page

Overcome Nielle's angry thoughts in a fast puzzle game
Submitted by ViniFlores (@dogecoding) — 1 day, 18 hours before the deadline
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Artistic Style#884.5004.500

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  • Music and art is really great! Game is *really* tough, however. I found myself getting overly frustrated unfortunately.
  • Strange mix between an action game and a puzzle game, with heavy emphasis on the puzzle, that doesn't quite meet my standards for the theme, but is otherwise a very clever little project that could become a full game. The writing quality needs serious work, but the puzzle design was mostly well executed.

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Nielle’s Miasma is a puzzle game about containing the dark miasma from spreading to be able to collect the objectives and unlock new levels. The lore is about a girl that let her dark thoughts control her for so long that she now only see the worst in people and is becoming her worst, now it is time to connect with her inner child collecting her memories without getting swallow by her darkness to open her eyes.

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Extra Notes
Thanks for playing my game :)
Please give me any feedbacks you have

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Cool game! I have really poor spatial awareness, so I don't think I'm in the target audience for this and mostly had to go off guess-work lol. But I could see this being really fun for someone with the skillset!


meaw this is super duper extra game i love it soooo much i want more pls give me more <3


What a polished product! The audio design is fantastic.


The intro and art are amazing, really so much polish on this game, I loved the little animation touches on the dark clouds, super satisfying to play!


Gorgeous art and fitting music. Got stuck early, but I liked what I saw :)


Really clever puzzle game. The miasma effect is very effective and well done. The overall atmosphere of the game is very interesting and it's clear you put a lot of effort on it, great job <3 

My sole feedback would be that sometimes the miasma doesn't spread as quickly as other times, making some levels cheesable and letting you skip some of the steps of the puzzle. I hope you release an extended version in the future :)


Hey, the art is awesome, the game mechanics are very clear from the beginning too. My only concern was that the spawn spot for the dark clouds was a little difficult to identify, but I think it happens because my screen is less bright than usual too. Nice game!


I liked the dash effect, i kept losing on the first level cause i didnt realize i walking slower because i needed to stay on the path and not the grass.

Really like the art, nice job!


Really cute I love it!


I got stuck on like the 2nd puzzle but really enjoyed my time with it actually! Very charming and great sound design!


I love the style and the gameplay feels great, but it turns out I am not smart enough for these puzzles


The usage of dark circle shapes for the miasma is super effective and clever. The visual effect it manages to deliver is fantastic. Really looks so alive when it moves after shooting a light source. Nice job.


Really nice, I loved the style especially the vibe in the introduction cutscene!


Holy crap. Great work, really fun and rewarding gameplay and design looks incredible. I think you could make it so the controls can be mapped by the player since WASD and XZ are hard to cycle between. Fierce competitor for the top spot for sure :)


Thanks a lot for the kind words :)
And for the feedback, it truly is awful tu play in WASD right now :/


Looks really cool! Good job! 


Thanks man, really glad you like it :)


This is insanely well done! Only thing is the controls feel a bit weird, but nothing I can't get used to! Amazing work!


I too like the art style. Also, the controls feel good. And appreciated the storytelling. Good job!


Thanks a lot <3


Good concept, love the art style! 
i think i cheesed the second puzzle map a bit and is there anything after the upside down pentagram? either I'm not understanding what to do or there's nothing further?
So far a good prototype!


Not yet hehe, I'll update it later today, I'll try to add a few extra levels and also to add a final game screen