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Summer doesn't seem to host a lot of Jams, despite many people having more time off, especially June even though both College and High School students have just gotten out. This Jam's goals are to help fill that gap, and provide a jam aimed at positive and constructive feedback.

At the start of the Jam, a theme will be announced.

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This jam is focused on constructive feedback. Jammers are encouraged to give feedback on other jammers' submissions. The prize for competing is the game you make.

Rules: The last hour of the jam is the submission hour. If you do not get the game submitted by that time, please contact me. Jammers are encouraged to work fresh, but you can use any content, both stuff that was made from before and during. Other than that, have fun!

You can also join and submitt to the GameJolt Jam here:

The Theme is... Season!

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