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Have you ever had an idea for a tabletop game using the framework laid out by Meguey and Vincent Baker, known as the Apocalypse Engine? Have you needed a good reason to get the game out there? Now's the time, my friend! 

Games that are Powered By The Apocalypse are very unique, and fun, games. They work well with playing out tropes from media, such as superheroes or monster hunters (from Masks: A New Generation and Monster of The Week, respectively). Of course, not every PBTA game is the same. Some have playbooks, while others do not, but can generally be defined by the following criteria:

  • A miss-partial success-full success resolution system
  • Moves, which are the triggers that tell someone when to roll dice and what that move does

Beyond that, everything is fair game. Your game can have playbooks, classes, or neither. It doesn't even have to use the traditional 2d6 system, have stats, or work off of a pre-existing trope in media! This is all about you having a good time and putting out something that you will enjoy. 

Submissions begin on May 31, 10 AM Eastern Time, and end June 30, 10 AM Eastern Time. Voting begins once submissions end and runs until August 31, 10 AM Eastern Time, to provide ample time for playtesting and reviewing. 

Your game should be free, made mostly within the period of the game jam, and preferably filed under a Creative Commons license. Also, somewhere, include a thank you to Lumpley Games and Vincent Baker for the original Apocalypse World upon which all of this is based.

Also, No NSFW.


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Adventurers master new skills learnt from the game world
Drifted is a PbtA game about being astray and confused in mysterious place that feeds on memories and emotions
An after-school special Powered by the Apocalypse
A Game About Brave Heroines And The People Who Hate Them
A quick "proof of concept" PbtA game made with OpenOffice and not much else.