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Gonna stream playing a bunch of these on Wednesday. Want me to play yours?

A topic by JonoExplainsThings created 89 days ago Views: 486 Replies: 32
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yeah, can you play mine?

(its called Campbell adventure thingy and it might be one of the weirdest things in history)

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if you have time and could play mine, that'd be dope

It might throw a fit about line 136 in the code, bt it should work and if it does, it shouldn't take that long to finish

We will be so thankful if you play and rate our game since it didn't get much attention


Would be could if you could play our game



if you get to here id love some feedback from you  <3


If you have the time and are still taking suggestions, I'd love for you to check my game out!

It's a collection of minigames inspired by WarioWare that takes about a minute or two to beat. Good luck with the stream!

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