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Maria Mison updated a LARP 21 days ago
A downloadable LARP.
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BOOK Yes, who's this? copy colored booklet.pdf 465 kB
A downloadable game.
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A downloadable game.
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Jon East rated a game 107 days ago
A downloadable game.

Jammi is an immensely talented creator and this game is the only piece of evidence you need. A tight concept, wrapped in interesting mechanics and with a lovely mythology behind it. The rulebook is very polished, easy to digest, and incredibly evocative.

Do yourself a favor and give this game a try!

A downloadable larp.
this is a minimalist larp requiring only dice, index cards, and a room full of people. it is designed to explore the ways in which secrets and private grievances transform a social landscape, even as they go unsaid. play either as character...
A downloadable game.
Your school is beautiful but incredibly strange. There are those who call themselves Swordblooms, and they Duel each other in order to impress World's End and gain the Divine doing so, they will create a revolution. They'll chang...
Maria Mison published a LARP 111 days ago
A downloadable LARP.
Yes, who's this? is a game of 20- err 36 questions, with someone you already know. Except the 36 questions is what psychologists claim to lead to ‘interpersonal closeness’ or what in human tongue is called falling in love. The game...
luciellaes published a game 113 days ago
A downloadable game.
Created for the 2019 Otherships jam, The Customer Is, Without Exception, Incorrect is a tabletop roleplaying game about work friendships, where you play the part of either irate customers, or normal people bonding over their mutual hatred o...
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