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[Game Dev] Fish Scales Game

A topic by celiaak created Sep 14, 2017 Views: 118 Replies: 6
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My idea is to have a fish with different scales on the body. Each scale has a pair.

We remove the scales finding the matching pair.

We win the game after matching all scales. We will have a spine on its place.

Probable names:

-Fish Scales

-Eat the Fish

-Another better name than those 2. They are not yet perfect.

Expansion Idea for after the jam: 

-Dress the fish: the scales are placed on the spine according to a logical sequence or puzzle matching type.


Nice! Cant wait to see it. 


Day 4 - After spending some time making some preps for the art, spent the next 3 days thinking how to implement the idea in code. As I am a  beginner, I decided to use the maximum drag and drop functions on game maker, and as little hard coding as possible. Little steps, baby steps.

On day 4 found the best solution for making two equal scales disappear. Next.


Great Job. I am looking forward to playing your game!

Submitted (2 edits)

Day 5 - Preparing all the little sprite scales, eye, spine, and little elements.

Note to self, for later, as there is no time to incorporate now:

  • Add a blinking eye
  • Make bubbly sounds when clicking the mouth.
  • Background swinging waves
  • Change the game to one button switch to make it playable for disabled people. Ex: button click, change scale. Wait on scale, select scale.
  • Add different sounds to the scales to make it playable for eye blind people.
Submitted (2 edits)

Day 6 - Creating all the game mechanics on Game Maker using drag and drop only.

Added some sounds to selection, just in time for uploading to optical game jam.

Important things missing: The end of game effects.

Others: sounds, animation effects, info. HTML5 Verison.

EDIT: Forgot to upload the game, just done. Ops.


Nice game! Beautiful fish x