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Asymmetric game of Hunters and Monster with hidden movement and secret objectives.
2-player asymmetrical war game of exploring temples and avoiding its guardians
A One Page Wargame about masked rangers fighting monsters and mooks!
Fast paced action and looting on the high seas!
A miniatures game with asymmetric command systems for fighting the AWI.
One Page asymmetric tabletop game
A short-and-sweet cyberpunk tabletop miniatures game
A minature siege wargame.
Lead your goblin bretheren to freedom, or put them back to work.
A competitive game where one player attempts to prevent other players from escaping their lair with traps and weapons.
One Page Rules game jam submission about minions, an Evil Wizard and some Villagers
Breach into terrorist storehouses and defend from terrorist assaults in this two-player turn-based strategy game!
A fun zombie-themed asymmetric miniatures game.
There's Something Disagreeable about the locals' seasonal customs...
The loot decides the game!
If you can't do the crime, don't do the time
Fast paced urban combat between the Peacekeepers and the Resistance.
Marines versus Hivemind asymetric wargame
A one-page 1v1 stealth miniatures game for OPR Game Jam
A miniature game about counter-terrorism operations
Solo Tabletop Miniatures Game On One Page