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An (Incomplete) Arkanoid/Breakout/RPG-Style Game
Submitted by Flofflewoffle — 10 days, 9 hours before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
OGA Favourite#0n/an/a
Art Challenge#101.9472.000

Ranked from 9 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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I had to play this in a few sessions and I'm still not done. The breakout was awesome! Music, sound and content was really good, all around. I don't really like anything in the "furry" theme, but I can easily overlook that and say the art was really good! Overall, I liked it a lot.


Aww, thanks!


Great work Spring!   

I personally found the Arknoid parts kinda hard, but I think I am just no good at brick breaking.  Also it took me a bit to figure out that the right button did a charge attack which helps a lot.  Are the blue drops power for the charge shot?  I think that's what they did but I couldn't be sure.

Anyway, even stinking at the brick breaker parts I still got to the mansion so it couldn't have been too hard.

Writing, music and character art was all great.  Plus, that bed on a tread, so nice!  :)


Thanks,  I'm glad you like it! The higher your mouse sensitivity, the easier the arkanoid parts become ^^

yes, the blue bubbles are for the "charge attack".


This is really good Spring, Love the characters and the story is quite captivating. you managed to combine the different game genres in such a clever way that it actually works. great job. not completely sold on the mouse controls though, but because of how this game is, makes sense to do it that way. I didn't manage to play all of it due to the bug, but i will definitely come back and play again once you have updated the project file with those bug fixes. :very cool. :) 


Thanks, I'm glad you like my lil story!

you can use the hacked save file that I gave Jacob in order to get past the getting stuck part:

if you're talking about the same bug that is


Nice job there.




oh em gee... I really like your game, really fun... but I may have encountered a game breaking bug. after you get to the mansion and go north outside to the workers area place..... thing... lol there's a break out part that I did there and after I beat it... I couldn't leave, and all the NPCs were gone... not sure if I missed something or what... anyway. I had a really good time playing it up to that point even though some of the fast moving parts made my eyeballs wig out a bit. @.@ lol   anyway, great job my friend! 


Ah yes, I noticed that bug  :p I've fixed it now but I don't think I can update the game during the voting period.

However, I prepared this hacked save file which will take you to the next area if you want to continue with the game!

(just search for the file SAV.JSON on your c drive (it should be in appData/Local/Kymiball and replace it with this JSON file:



SWEET thanks for that!


no problem, glad you like the game!


Wow. I just tried out this one and the idea is super cool! I was looking at the screenshots and then when the game started I was more than surprised that the game isnt a simple WASD game :D I dont know if the idea is unique or not, but I really like it.

One thing though: the control of the menu was not that clear. I tried to use arrows then WASD to navigate but non of them worked. Then I figutred out that I have to use my mouse. Also, pressing W makes the game windowed that wasnt expected at all.

But for all, that's it, I'll try to go through the levels, but thats not that easy!


Hehe, glad you like it, I should mention that the version of the game you can download right now is still very incomplete and buggy, and will likely be updated several times before the jam ends.

I think I will work on making  the menus a little bit clearer in the future, but for now my priority is simply fixing all the bugs :P


Btw, if you want to continue the game, I recommend that you download the newest version which I've been working on overnight, it fixes MANY more of the bugs.