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Introduce yourselves! Sticky

A topic by Gurpreet Singh Matharoo created Oct 05, 2017 Views: 501 Replies: 20
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Welcome to the jam and thanks for joining!

You can introduce yourselves in this thread and get to know your fellow developers. Share your ideas for the jam game, showcase your previous work and wish everyone a good luck! ;)

Happy dev'ing!

Hello. I'm Cloaked Games.

Same guy as from the GMC. I'm not an impostor.

I signed up for the jam, but I have no clue if I'll actually do something, and if I do, it won't be much. I do have a question though, how much pre-written code is acceptable for this jam?


Hey Cloaked. You can use any pre-made asset in the jam. Thanks for asking!

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Hi there, We are Purple Games Studios.

This will be the first Jam we join and are excited for this.  Never really done fan games before so this will be a new experience for us.
Our team consist of two people with me Ray Hughes (Blakkid489) as the lead artist and Nicole P (Ladi_Pix3l) as the lead programmer.
Can't wait to see what comes out of this.


Hey there, Ray and Nicole! Glad to have you here! :D

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Hi I'm Juan Andres known in the GMC as John Andrews, I come in peace, recently graduated from High School and maybe in this jam I'll make some friends! ;P maybe not, whatever.

 I hope to make a good contribution to entertain the people who see my game (If I even make one lmao) and hope to see all other games too :D

Peace out

-John Andrews


Hey John, welcome! Glad to have you in the jam.

Deleted 2 years ago

Hey, we're happy to have you here! Jams can be a fun learning experience.


Hi! My name is Marek and I come from Czech republic. I know basics when it comes to programming in Game Maker, but I consider myself more of a Game Designer.

I decided to join the jam because I am rather beginner when it comes to game development and I think these kind of competitions could help me gain some experience while having a fun. I am working on some projects for some time, and it takes too long to finish it, so you now, this jam could also be way to finally create some game, because of the deadline.

So far I am in team alone, and I am decided to take part in the jam even if nobody join me. But anyone who would like to help would be welcomed.

Anyway good luck to everyone participating in the jam! Hope we all will produce a lot of good games!


Hey Marek, welcome! Glad to have you in the jam. ^_^

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First time entering a game jam. I saw the description for this one and thought 'That's the one fer me'.

~James Clark


Great, welcome to the jam Sluggy! :D

My name is Matt and I am a programmer. I’m interested in creating something for this jam but I don’t know what yet. 


Welcome, Matt! Glad to have you here. :)

Hii fellow developers,  Engi Games is the banner under which i'll be posting and this is going to be my very first game jam...i have been hobbyist for about a year and right now i would like to step up my efforts...

-Loghesh Ravikumar.


Hi Loghesh, happy to have a fellow Indian here!


Thanks and I'm happy to see a fellow indian hosting a jam !!

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Greetings! I'm Kanto Games.

I'm new here. Hope to learn new things joining this jam. I'll be using GMS engine. Cheers! :)


Welcome! :D

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Hi I'm axoona. I'm a hobby game dev and I like game jamming a lot.

I was inspired by 2 game jams that are running at the same time : 1+1 =3jam and AsylumJam so I've been working on a game that would fit both for a cool game jam combo :) It actually was quite fun to include the constraints from both jams. As the Asylum Jam ended on Sunday I'm just adding some additional polishing but my entry is nearly finished.

Good luck to everyone and I am looking forward to playing you're entries. The 1+1=3 is a pretty cool idea!



I think it's a cool idea to make a game that works for multiple jams. Excited to see what you come up with!