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The Submissions

A topic by instadeath created Dec 13, 2021 Views: 141 Replies: 1
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let’s talk about the submissions. I walked through each of them:

Some prompts to get ya talking:

  • Did you have a favorite submission?
  • Are you planning to play any of the submissions soon?
  • Which did you think best “hacked” the game that inspired it?
  • Which one has the art/layout you like best?
  • Which do you think has the best theme?
  • Which do you think had the best mechanics?
  • Do think any of them were innovative in some way?

My favorite submission was Billionaire Dragon by Macguffin & Co. I like the theme, layout, typography, and graphics. But mostly I like how simple the game is while providing plenty of space for role playing fun. I hope to play it soon.

Another I hope to play soon is Beyond the Pages by CR Legge. Not sure yet, but I think that this could end up being my most played of all the submissions, since it lends itself well to a nightly writing activity. This may also be the best "hack" of the game that inspired it for my tastes.

I think I like the art style of Don't Try this at Home by KrazyComix the best.

What are your thoughts?