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Need Inspiration?

A topic by javidx9 created Nov 05, 2018 Views: 418 Replies: 14
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I guess we all chat on discord, youtube and twitter anyway, but hey say something inspiring here!


Some Thing inspireing... And original of course... 


Got it:

Veteran soldier Veteran Jam lurker : Fight? Against that? Code agsinst the clock? No, we will run; lurk; and we will live. 

Wallace: Bjarne Stroustrup: Aye, fight code and you may die fail. Run lurk and you'll live -- at least a while. And dying in your beds fail in All your project many years from now, would you be willing to trade all the days from this day to that for one chance, just one chance to come back here and tell our enemies naysayers that they may take our livets pc time, but they'll never take our freedom IDE!!!

Well, except that it is ln the pc.... But still... 

All original, No steal.... 


:D First One!

Theme is easy to work with! Looking forward to playing/viewing everyone's stuff! Even if you don't "finish," please upload your progress!

Here's what I've been working on for music in my submission:


To much talent, disqualified.... No? 

Ah well... Thats really good, it has the feel of discovery and exploration to it. I think ill get plenty Jelly in this jam... So much talent in 8 hours only... Great work... 

Some 3d modelling

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mmmmmm. I'm bad at programming but I'd like to do a small thing for this jam. What about a war fog or a dungeon in the darkness with a torch ? Or a mine sweeper ? Or a guess the number ? Or a memory game ? Or a game with the space shuttle "Discovery" ?

DragonEye submitted a guess the number source a little bit ago, I'm working on a space shuttle themed interactive web thing. Birds of a feather flock together :P

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I have a project coming up. I'd like to learn C++ for 3D Animation. You are the man. You know what you are doing. You are the best I've seen programming in C++ for 3D Animation. We need  to chat, or eMail each other. 

If you want learning to code alone you have to love spaghettis.

Do you feel inspiration now ?

I'm sure we will be hiring about 4 or 5 of C++ programmers. This is a big project. The project itself require hardware, but we'll need a demo in 3D to show how the hardware works. Requires experience in C++ and 3D programming AND lots of visualization.

As a Newman, I am more inspired in 2019 than I was in 1982 when I first used a transportable micro-computer with a 8080 CPU, and with a CP/M (pre DOS) OS, and an attachable 80 dot matrix printer.

Think about it. that long pasta turns into sugar