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Teaming up

A topic by Xom Adept created Feb 04, 2020 Views: 87 Replies: 4
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As asked here, some of you might want to make teams for developping a game.

This is the official thread for it. 

I'm a sound designer and musician, little bit of experience with Wwise and Unity.


@Naraku:  Hi!  I know this is coming late and quite close to the deadline one, but I am working on an entry and would love to collaborate if you are interested in making sound and music for the game.  Let me know if your interested and we can work out some way to communicate privately about it.

Hey man! Hit me up on Discord: Naraku ならく#9585


shoot, i am not on Discord.  you want to just shoot me an email and we can work it out from there?  I am scott dot matott at gmail dot com.