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The War Over A Melon FieldView game page

Yummy melon friend!
Submitted by Spring — 16 days, 5 hours before the deadline
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Congrats!  Well earned, such a unique idea and a great game! :)


Thanks ;w;


Congrats on your first place ;)


Aww thanks!

This game is polished!


you think so? o.o

The game has a very original and fresh proposal.

The graphics are fine, the music is great and the gameplay is perhaps a bit strange but acceptable.


Your post is perhaps a bit strange but acceptable.


Brilliant game! Loved everything about it. Lots of fun!


oh wow spring, this is awesome stuff, love chipping round on the mill wheel.very good.:)


Thanks! ^^


Such a brilliant concept and so well executed!  I love it!
Controlling the wheel feels really good.  It's got just enough weight and inertia to feel like you really are trying to paddle a giant wheel around but not so much as to be frustrating.

Graphics are stellar throughout!   Really shows off one of OGA's best asset packs and the little puppies look adorable!

The gameplay was nice and varied too.  It's a pretty simple concept at it's core (touch the melons) but it you did a great job keeping it fresh by introducing new obstacles and design concepts every few levels.   And the boss fights?   Pure gold!  I like how each one as a way to turn their own attacks back against them!

The story and writing are top notch as well!   the 'surprise twist' in the ending definitely game me a big chuckle.

Fantastic work!


Well glad you like it! The testing you did was important for the game to reach its current shape :D


Super fun game! It especially felt really satisfying to controll the wheel. I do have some complaints though. Some things didn't really interact well with each other. For example, while the melon barrels are destroyed by player bullets, they are not destroyed by jumping on them and enemy bullets. There were also a lot of objects that needed shadows for depth perception, like the bullets, and sometimes the player shadow dissapeared as well. However, I did really enjoy this game (especially the first quest) and the music was always super catchy. Good job!


Thanks for playing! The issue you have with the barrels can easily be fixed, they only appear in the second quest which is unfinished anyway. Glad you like the music though, I worked on it a lot but is actually not that satisfied with it, but maybe I just listened to it too much and got tired of it ^^


Nice story here. I've beaten the game too, sometimes the colliders trolls you but only sometimes.

You have a nice game !!


Thank you! There are probably a few bugs related to getting stuck in walls if that's what you are referring to xP 

Did you beat the 2nd quest too? It's unfinished, but the first few levels of it can actually be played.


I've beaten the final boss <SPOILER ALERT> the Queen IZA ;)


congrats on that! Did you beat Bronze too?

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

I've beaten the first bird, a penguin, and the queen if I'm not wrong. ..


oh yeah, but there actually 4 bosses, nevermind though ^^ it's not so important ^^;


Well, I played again your game, and when I kill the last bird (Queen Iza), after the story(you should include a disclaimer indicating  that there's swearing language inside ) the game drops me out in the initial menu... So how I can play the 2nd quest?

PD: ^^ it's not so important ^^ ==> You've done a great effort and a great job, so it's important to me ;)


I think you can select what quest to start on the main menu (picking start instead of continue) ^^

Submitted (2 edits) (+1)

I've beaten Bronze !! ;)


congrats!! That's all the game! :D


Nice game. I enjoyed seeing Jay, Hayden and Kymi move on these giant wooden wheels (and the animation when the wheels explode).

The difficulty is OK, neither too easy nor too hard. I have beaten the game but there were some quite challenging levels (the 2nd boss in particular).

The musics are good too.


Hey, glad you like it! and at least it's not too hard then :3