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A downloadable game.

A cute game that reminds me of early computer games for children, which I mean in the best way possible! The controls and goals are simple and the art, while also simple, is charming; though the story is more of a framework, the Pizza Cat(s) are adorable and the happy ending is the cherry on top! (Or rather, the pepperoni?) The lack of in-game map or directions might make it difficult for younger players, but the map itself is small enough that I don't think anyone could get lost for long. A fun little game overall!

gummywormz updated a game 2 years ago
A browser game made in HTML5.
Added platform Windows.
1 new upload: Play in browser
Thedrdevin published a game 4 years ago
A downloadable game.
Take control of Barry the lonely pizza cat. Explore space in his ship and search for ingredients to bake a pizza cat buddy. Made in 3 days for the Odd Weekend Game Jam #8 Controls: W and S to move forward and...
MaplePoki published a Pizza Simulator 4 years ago
A browser Pizza Simulator made in HTML5.
Made in 53 hours for the Odd Weekend Game Jam 8 Welcome to Giovanni's Pizzeria! Help Giovanni achieve the Pizzeria dream by being his sous chef and help him make pizzas! WASD/Arrow to move Drag and Drop Ingredients to the middle Note: I am...
Ray Nexus published a game 4 years ago
A browser game made in HTML5.
You have been trapped in an invisible labyrinth, but you can be guided by the trail of your footsteps. Find the goal and enjoy the pizza. Created for the odd weekend game jam 8 with Bitsy in 48 Hours. more updates coming soon...
Septic published a game 4 years ago
A browser game made in HTML5.
Made for the Odd weekend jam Controls Left Click - Shoot Space - Move forward What to do Kill enemies to raise your score and post your highest score in the comments! Please report any bugs Credits Developed by Septic01 Easter Egg Type in t...