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OctoBear Jam!


win stuff!



Your task should you accept it is to craft a game that contains gameplay involving a scientific theory or law.

Your player(s) should be able to interact with the law/theories concepts in unique ways that affect the experience of the game.

The theory or law does not have to be the sole focus of your game, but it should have a noticeable presence.
Your theory does not have to be widely accepted or widely known feel free to seek out the obscure, or stick to something well known!
It's up to you!

Here is a helpful list of theorys to help you get started!

  • NSFW entries are not permitted (all games will be streamed on twitch)
  • teams are allowed, please indicate on your entry if it was a team project
  • you can use 3rd party assets as long as you credit them
  • you cannot use previous projects or games made in the past (no re-submissions)
    • you can use code or libraries from other work you have done

Post any questions about the rules in Discord

Crowdforge link coming soon!

1st, 2nd, and 3rd place will receive Commemorative Medals with the Jam, Game Name and Team Name or Developer Name stamped into the back.Additionally very lucrative discord roles and a place on my twitch channel Hall of Fame (dead center of the page).

The Medals are made from .925 Sterling Silver and Copper.

Hand sawed, soldered, and formed by the jewelry artist BearPawSilver
(award photos coming soon)


I (TigerJ) will be streaming every entry on twitch:

Reading this and want your stream or YouTube channel listed as a media source?

Contact me



Use #OBJAM on twitter and share your progress in discord


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A shooter platformer - Octobear Jam
Quantic puzzle
The fishy claymation adventures of a bear and a cat
An Octobear GameJam 2018 project
a frenetic-mass conservation 2d shooter
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