Submissions open from 2019-08-30 11:00:00 to 2019-09-13 11:00:00
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Theme: [Under Vote]
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Welcome to NotMoeJam!

Everyone has things going on in their lives and we want to cater for that by running a fortnight-long jam, with a break week in-between to ensure that jammers aren't getting fatigued and we want to include them in the theme selection process - and the structure of the Jam. We also don't want to pressure people into making polished pearls and we expect that most of the submissions will NOT be very MOE - hence the name.  Voting is enabled to allow people to leave feedback without writing a lengthy review - not to rank entries.

This jam is organized and ran from Western Australia, but we'd love to have more people from abroad! If you're not interested at the moment, please consider keeping us in your back pocket in case your regular jam doesn't pan out or if you'd to discuss/show-off anything.


  • Assets you've previously made are allowed, except for game-specific code.
  • Third-party assets are allowed, but you must have the rights to use them and credit them - if required.
  • Team members must be credited in the submission.
  • Desktop submissions (Windows/OSX/Linux) must be playable without an installer.
  • Mature content is allowed, unless it's explicit/immature/insensitive, and should be marked.