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Thank you PG13! Sticky

A topic by shiftBacktick created Aug 31, 2020 Views: 72
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Thank you PG13,

This thread is in response to your two live streams of our games, which can be listened to here:

I’m so appreciative that you featured the No Video Jam and all of our submissions in your stream. Your feedback is invaluable to everyone who participated.

For sighted devs like myself, it’s especially helpful to hear and understand your experiences with our work through the lens of blindness. When we design user experiences, even if we have accessible intentions, we can’t anticipate for your individual experiences. So what works for our assumptions may not work for your reality.

You both gave us so much feedback to improve our games. A lot of points stand out, like ensuring that important text and visual elements have accessible alternatives for folks who can’t perceive them. There were other enlightening details like the basics of how you interface with a computer and the types of tropes you expect and find most successful. I’m grateful for all of that.

What I hope folks take away from the streams is that we can always do better. Every game can be better with its accessibility. Even mine. But if you listen to and incorporate feedback from just even one person, then you’re probably better, and have grown more, than your peers. And that puts us in a position to mentor them so they can also learn and be better with accessibility.

Let’s keep listening and improving our games so they can be enjoyed by all.