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Hey, submitters, talk about your entries here!

A topic by Parenthesis Press created Oct 21, 2019 Views: 231 Replies: 8
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I know, I know, self-promotion is hard. But you succeeded at getting something done and put out into the world for this jam, so take a moment to use this thread to tell us more about your entry or entries.


Um! My game uses cards and post it notes to build a house that stands against the end of the world! I'm pretty proud of it, as its the first microzine ive made in a bit. You can check it out here!

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Hi I recently downloaded this game and had fun making the zine.  I have played it once, but had some questions about some nuances of the rules.  I couldn't figure out how to message you here on Itch, but would love to ask them to get clarification.  Please let know how to message you here on Itch, as I am fairly new and haven't figured out how to do that.  Thanks!


Hey there! I don't think itch has a message function, but the creator's twitter handle is on their creator page - maybe try reaching out to them there? Hope you get an answer!


I do have a Twitter! You can dm me there @TendenciesG!

Thanks for your reply, unfortunately I don't have a personal Twitter account.  Have a good day!


My game is called After the Accident :

It features only cards, but you will need something to write your story (ou just play it out loud if you want to).

The cards are used as prompts to create the story, following a 3-acts structure.


Just submitted our game! It's a map-making, narrative game that uses a deck of cards!

It has a price tag, but we'll share a key with jammers that want to test it out, just let us know!


My game is Fateweavers. It uses tarot and involves doing readings for characters to determine what happens in a semi-structured way. Its very narrative focused with no real crunch and diplomatic resolution mechanics. The players arent direct actors in the scene instead they are playing the role of the fates, influencing the mortals to do their will as in many myths. Also as in the myths, those mortals are more than capable of throwing a spanner in the works!

It could easily be used for silly or serious games and was designed around one shots but could potentially be used for ongoing games. I do have a few tips for doing that in the PDF.