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Can we use premade assets?

A topic by Sylver created Oct 05, 2019 Views: 140 Replies: 3
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Can we use premade stuff of any kind or need to do everything from scratch?


There are a few existing diceless systems that could be adopted, hacked, or scavenged, but there's also a golden opportunity to come up with something novel. I'm sure there will be plenty of attempts to find a way to hack existing systems that use dice, although of course that's tricky if you were wanting to do a PbtA design or something like that where the numbers matter. (I know Fate has a "Deck of Fate" that you can use in place of dice, which technically adheres to the letter of the jam, although it's arguable whether it's in the spirit).

As for artistic assets, always credit creators, respect intellectual property rights, and get permission.

Cool I meant textures and sound effects. I should have expressed myself more clearly my bad.


its tabletop dude.