This jam is now over. It ran from 2023-02-19 21:00:00 to 2023-02-24 22:59:59. View results

About The Jam:

Welcome to the Nitro-Music Rumble jam! This is like a game jam, but instead of making games, you make... you know music. You are given 5 days a theme and limitations, that you must use to make music of some kind. Good luck!

Join our discord server at:


The THEME is: Remake your favourite video game song in a different genre.

An optional SUB-THEME: choose the exact opposite genre (for example: metal -> chill ambient)


  • there is none this time.


  • Use only the materials that are designated for the jam.
  • No NSFW.
  • No AI generated music.
  • You keep the legal rights to your submission.
  • You can't start making your submission before the jam begins.
  • You have 5 days to make your submission from scratch.
  • Every genre is allowed (unless restricted)
  • Any digital audio workstation is allowed.
  • Any VST plugins are allowed. (some instruments may get restricted)
  • You can work in a team, max of 4 people.
  • By submitting your work here, you agree that your creation may be used in videos about the jam on our Youtube channel.

Submitting: (VERY IMPORTANT)

To submit, you need to create a "project album", which is basically a regular project page, that will contain your submissions to this jam and past jams.

The reason is to not spam with a bunch of projects, that only contain a single music. 

Steps to create your project album: (only create, if you don't have one already)

  1. Click on your profile and select "upload new project" 
  2. Select "Game Assets" under "Classification/What are you uploading?"
  3. At the bottom of the page, select "Public" under "Visibility & access"
  4. Fill the rest of the boxes as you like
  5. Save and view the page

You can customise and add extra text however you like. You can also use custom CSS if you have access to it.

Example project album:


To upload your submission to your project album, you have to put our premade template above your previous submissions (if you have any) in the description of your project album. 

Here's the template for this jam: (turn on HTML mode before pasting, it can be found on the top left corner of the description box)

<h2>Nitro-Music Rumble #4</h2>
<p>Title: "Some Title"</p>
<p>Link: [link to your music, preferably Youtube]</p>
<p>Description: "Put your story behind your masterpiece here"</p>; 

To submit your creation, all you have to do is to select your project album when submitting to the jam.


Voting will happen on saturday and friday, and these are the criterias.

  • Composition: the structure of the song.
  • Creativity: how creative the song is.
  • Vibe: the emotions of the track.
  • Quality: the overall quality of the music, regardless of if you like it or not.
  • Mixing: things to look out are: clipping, way too much bass/mids/highs, bad volume levels, etc.
  • Use of theme and limitations: did the composer follow them correctly? If so, did they do it in a creative way?


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