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Goodbye 2019 and hello 2020! With NEW YEAR NEW JAM, you're invited to create any type of work that speaks to what the close of one year and the starting of the next means to you. Is it exciting and new, or maybe a little bittersweet? What memories do you have? What plans are you making? 

Anyone and everyone is welcome to join, and works can be any medium; this is a very short jam, though, so consider working at a small scale to keep it manageable for yourself. Think about short fiction, bullet journal layouts, photography, collage, bitsy or twine games, etc. If you can put it on Itch, you can put it here!


  • Please don't "jam spam" with unrelated work. 
  • If at all possible, include plain-text, audiobook, or otherwise multiply accessible versions of your work. 
  • Multiple submissions are allowed and encouraged. The more the merrier!
  • Feel free to submit something you've started or even completed before the jam; there's no need to only work during the jam itself. Feel free to submit WIP or unfinished works, too, as long as the theme still fits. 
    • You may also reach out to me to request a late submission if necessary.
  • Don’t be a bigot or use your works, the jam, or the community around the jam as a space for hate.

For further conversation and feedback, use the #newyearnewjam hashtag on Twitter!

Hell Yeah Poetry Jam is hosted by Gray @waveechocave. Feel free to reach me with any questions or concerns!

The image used for the cover photo is by TanteTati on Pixabay and all use and modification is in accordance with Pixabay's license.

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a tender feverdream for one
I offer you endless beginnings
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This year is the year in which I want to improve myself.
Interactive Fiction
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Happy New Year ...... 1982 ?
Visual Novel
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gift on new year
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