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Was your design bigger than you thought?

A topic by David T. Bosquez created Feb 18, 2018 Views: 152 Replies: 4
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So, basically the design for my game(again) was bigger than I thought. Lol. Definitely put too much into it. So, I'll just be submitting the 1st level as a demo for the full game. Regardless of what happens, I'll be finishing this game completely after this jam. I really like the game and the concept, to it's happening no matter what! Lol

Anyone else do this, sometimes?


Ah yea! Welcome to my world, although I find nothing gets the creative juices flowing like a good old fashioned GAME JAM

I'm pumped to see what you got- I like your style a lot (based on your profpage)

Lol. Thanks , NinJa. I'm excited to actually show this one too.  I can't wait. 


Always. This is just my second jam ever though.  In general, I try to do smaller games, and always end up too big. This one did turn out a bit bigger than expected, but the due date keeps getting pushed so I don't think I'll have trouble getting the game finished now that there's 7 days to go. 

I've been working on my first major project for over a year, and I just can't get it done. Seeing how I've improved now, doing these jams, I think I'm going to shrink the size of the game I've been working on for a year, so I can get it out of the way because under the hood the thing is held together by duct tape. I can work on better projects when it's done. Like my game for this jam. I'm really proud of it, I didn't think I could make something this good. 


I'm working on this game till it's done. This is only my second jam as well, so I'm optimistic in the drive I have for this game. I love the limitations and creativity it sparks.