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Start/End Time?

A topic by ChristovixGames created Feb 15, 2018 Views: 113 Replies: 7
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Did we move the date again? It's telling me that it starts tomorrow now.


Yeah! Sorry this is the last time, I promise! I wanted to bump it on the jam calendar and my weekend got a little busier than I expected so I wanted a little more time to work- but anything you've got done so far is definitely fair to use! ;)

hi i have a game demo i made- can i submit it if i repurpose it for nes colors etc also is there a set list of rules /guidelines? thanks...


For sure! Looking forward to playing it!


Oh ChristovixGames! Please don't hate me!!! One last extension for next Sunday (Feb. 25th), it's the last one I really, truly promise!!! KEEP ON ROCKIN'


Ahahahaha, I don't hate you. This is good. The game might actually get to 100% completion. I could submit it anytime really, but you're giving me time to do the tidying. 

In other news, I want to thank you for this jam, and this challenge. With this opportunity, I feel I made a really good game, and being fairly new to this, I didn't know how capable I was. But doing this, and making something good was really encouraging to me. 


NICE! I only said that because I bumped the time last week too and I figured you've been working hard on the game and wanting this jam to be done! ;)

Also, that is awesome to hear! Your words are truly inspiring and I'm so friggin' pumped to play Wretched Blade!!!