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Welcome to the NESmaker HYPE Jam! EXTENDED TO FEB. 25st Sticky

A topic by radHABiT created Feb 09, 2018 Views: 390 Replies: 17
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Thanks to everyone that has joined so far. I just wanted to welcome you all and mention that I've extended the jam for next weekend (even though the NESmaker kickstarter ends Sunday) I figured it would give us more time to get the word out about NESmaker and get people excited about the jam! (Special thanks to ChristovixGames for the request!)

how do we download the software to enter the contest?


Yo Echo!
Thanks for the question, the NESmaker software isn't officially released yet, so you're free to use any game development/design software you want! This jam is mostly to get people pumped about NESmaker- think of it more as a creating a NES "prototype" so when the actual NESmaker software is released you have a good foundation to start with (sorry it's a little confusing) I hope that makes sense and good luck!

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Hey just a little update for everyone, I'm extending the jam until Wednesday (Feb. 21st) just to get some more people on it! Thanks for hanging in there everyone, I promise this is the last extension! Also, I changed the start date to technically begin tomorrow, so we could get the jam bumped up higher on the game jam calendar (just gaming the system, sry) but you will still be "joined" in the jam and any work you've done so far is completely legit, just a heads-up :)
Thanks again for being patient and happy valentine's day errbody!


Aw crud! Sorry guys I'm doing ONE more extension (I PROMISE THIS IS THE LAST ONE) I just got word from my boss that work is gonna pick up this week and since I was banking on a slow week to finish my game up- I selfishly wanted a little extra time to work! I hope ya'll don't mind so the jam will officially end next Sunday at midnight (Feb. 25th) Again, sorry for the inconvenience and for those of you that have submitted a game already, feel free to work on it some more (if you feel so inclined) SORRY GUYS THIS IS THE LAST EXTENSION! YOU ROCK!!!

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That's perfect! I had a very busy past couple weeks and was sad I was going to miss this deadline. Thank you for the extension!!


Glad you extended or I wouldn't have ever seen the jam! 

Well, I gotta drop out. Had some life events come up and it's caused me to miss days of work. Good luck to everyone! Can't wait to see the winner!


Aw dang, sorry to hear that Raven. Hope everything is ok and thanks for hangin' my dude

Yeah. Kinda depressing but I'll push through. Lol. I'm still gonna finish this game though, so once I get it to where I'm happy to show it I'll ome back to send a link to you all. 


I can't believe I missed your tournament by a mil! I just finished a game yesterday that answers all requirement for your game jam! If I knew you are hosting a game jam I could submit my newest entry:

Just check it out anyway and look what a great addition to your jam it can be! I can't believe I wasn't aware and quick enough to submit an entry! Damn!


No prob! Here is a late submission link:

Great looking game btw!


You did outstanding! Thank you! It is pleasure for me to join the tournament! =D


For sure! Glad to have you in on it :)


Hey, radHabit, are you the sole judge of the games? Or is there a way for all of us to vote on the characteristics of each game? Are you taking our ratings into account when we rate the other games? (I don't know how any of this works XD)


No prob- yep we are all judging! Just click on the game then rate it on the submission page (you'll see stars on the the side; click them and don't forget to 'save' your rating) and good luck!

Btw, your game definitely was worth the wait ;P it is AwEsOmE


Thanks so much man :D


Hey just wanted to let you Hypejammers know that I've got another jam in the works!

Check it out: