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Game made in 15 days for NESmaker Jam ★ HYPE ★
Submitted by legiaoru with 1 hour, 2 minutes before the deadline

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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Fun Factor#24.0004.000
Overall NES-ness#24.5714.571

Ranked from 7 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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the sword attack action takes too long.

almost as long as Dr. Jekyll  in Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde(nes)


Yep, that was our intention

0_0 ......



Muito loko, merece win, na moral o/


Vlw! E boa sorte na JAM :)


I really like this game, however I do have one complaint... sound. I need sound effects. And the music, while nice, was repetitive and eventually felt like it was just droning in the background. I think that dragged the game down a bit. However, very well done! I really enjoyed Louise and can't wait to play more by you!


Thanks and, yep, we knew the game would be weird without the sound effects. We though we could put then in time before posting the game, but it didn't happen, sadly.

It happens. Lol. Like I said, great game and awesome concept. I would like to see a more fully fleshed out version, if you ever did one.


We're working on it actually. I'm working on the graphics in general and making new concepts for the game. No need to say,it's a really early developing state, but soon enough we'll be uploading it :)


really nice graphics, i couldnt beat lucy tho, i know she is lucy because game crashed on me and told me =p good job tho. good luck!


Sorry about that, It seems some bugs remained in the game.

 And thanks :)


Doidera total esse jogo meu bom




This game is GORGEOUS.


Yeah,thanks xD

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

It is a very good looking well animated game! The music however isn't enough true to the Famicom's soundchip, Which reminds me again, I should try and work for a music in my new game as well since I know how to use Famitracker!

But overall, it does seems NES/Famicom-related!


Actually, we didn't use famitracker mostly because we didn't know how to use It, so we made the music in tuxguitar, and used a sounfont on It.

 Thanks for the comment :)


I found famitracker pretty easy to use once you get into it! I recommend! ♥


Let me start by saying that the sprites were very well animated. The movement on the main character (Who I'm assuming is Louise) for her dress and hair were really smooth although a bit slow looking. Th game play was alright. the controls felt rather heavy and sluggish which is why I mainly used the dash for movement. I encountered this one glitch with the big blue fire-breathing monster where if you take damage mid air it lock you in place when you land. 

Another thing I noticed is that the background and the ground itself looked identical to the opening level in shovel knight with the exclusion of the tower in the background. That's more of a minor thing for me but it's something that caught my eye.

All in all this game could be a really enjoyable platformer. I suggest making the character a little bit faster as well as the attack. maybe add a three hit combo animation. That's about all I can think to say about it. 


 Hello, and thanks for giving us a feedback.
  About it being identical to shovel; when i (who made the art for the game) started working with the nes Palette , it gave me a headache at first. Since when i started making pixelart, i never used someone else palette, or even tried to make thing with limitations; So when i had to use the Nes Palette i tried to get some references and inspirations, which might get me inspired a bit too much. 

 Since i liked the Specter of Torment DLC, i took a look at the first stage of the game and tried to get good ways of using the colors; But actually i made a lot of things that weren't included in the game, so even if i made another tileset i don't think we'd have time to get it out just right.

 About the sluggish gameplay, we made a lot of different thing for the game, a lot that didn't get to the JAM too, sadly; Things like dialogues, monsters , etc... The gameplay itself didn't get much polishing because we couldn't test out everything, since from the start of the JAM we were working like crazy to get the game out as we wanted, but it didn't actually which is pretty sad; Anyway we wanted to participate in the JAM, so we posted the game anyway. (Also thanks for pointing out the "big blue fire-breathing monster" bug, we plan to finish this game and make everything we want in it, so the more bugs we know the better)

 And randomly, i wanted to post this image , which contains some of the things we didn't include in the game.