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First & foremost, for those of you who haven't heard about the incredible NESmaker check it out here:
(Be sure to show the NESmaker guys LOVE and SUPPORT, they deserve it!!!

So what is the point of this jam?
The main reason for the jam is to spread the word about NESmaker and what better way to do that then with a GAME JAM. Also, I'm just so pumped about it- I needed a little something to take my mind off checking the KS page every ten minutes. Plus, I thought it would be a fun way to get some creative juices flowing before the release.

Alright, you've got my attention... So what are the jam requirements?
If you haven't already figured out this jam will focus on creating a game using  NES restrictions:

  • Screen resolution 256 x 240 (feel free to scale up, try to keep this ratio but I won't punish you if you don't!)
  • NES color palette
  • Square wave 8bit music/sfx (so it sounds authentic!)

Obviously, there are numerous other hardware restrictions of the NES but I want to emphasize the two biggest (arguably) graphical restrictions. Feel free to dive in the deep end and make your game even more authentic by placing additional restrictions based on the NES, but just know that I'll be really paying attention to the points above. (You might've noticed this is very similar to the NES Jam that took place last summer

Sounds good so far, will I get to use NESmaker in the jam?
Unfortunately, NESmaker hasn't been released to the public so you're free to choose whatever game development software you want to create your game- from Unity to RPGMaker (as long as it fits within the NES restrictions/requirements)

Okay, so what is the theme for the jam?
Since this jam is mostly for getting some ideas going and getting NESmaker's name out there...
There won't be a theme for this jam, so feel free to go nuts!

WHAT?! NO THEME??!!! I can't do a game jam without a theme!!
Alright, fine! If you really need a theme, then go with "DREAMS" since NESmaker is basically making every kid who grew up playing the Nintendo Entertainment System's DREAM COME TRUE! (But just know there will be no judging category on theme)

Well then, what ARE the categories we'll be judged?
The categories for judging are as follows (on a scale of 1-10)

  • Graphics:
    How good do the graphics look (keeping the NES palette in mind!)
  • SFX/Music:
    How good do the sound effects and music sound (also keeping the NES restrictions in mind)
  • Controls:
    How true to the NES do the controls feel? A, B, Start, Select and the basic directions is all you get to work with!
  • Fun Factor:
    "Are you not entertained?!" Every game has to have some entertainment/replay value; otherwise, why bother? ;)
  • Overall NES-ness:
    How well does your game pass as an actual NES game?
    Is it a dead-giveaway fake... Or it is convincing enough that it's just like a classic from back-in-the-day!

What you all came here for... So what can you WIN?!
The grand prize winner will receive the NESmaker Pro-Gold (Kickstarter Bundle) - Get NESmaker Software, a kazzo usb cartridge flasher inside of a fancy, retro inspired LIMITED EDITION GOLD housing, and be part of the NESmaker beta testers, who will have access to every beta version of the software. ($256 Value, must submit personal address to receive physical reward)

WOW! You can count me in!!!

AwEsOmE~ welcome aboard be sure to BLAST/SPAM everyone you can about NESmaker (and this game jam while you're at it) and and don't forget to submit your game by the deadline and... GOOD LUCK 2 ALL YOU ASPIRING NESMAKERS!

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