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A topic by Matt Hughson (NES Dev) created Apr 25, 2022 Views: 245 Replies: 8
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If you have any general questions about the competition, feel free to ask below and I will add them to a list here!

Is there an official Discord Server for the compo?

We are working on figuring that out now, but in the meantime, I recommend:

Videogame Sage Discord

NESDev Discord

And of course, there is always the traditional NESDev Forums.

How do I learn to make NES games?

I wrote this article on the topic: How to Create NES Games

It's great that the NESDev Compo is back! It would've been cool to have an extensive list of resources for NES development on GitHub, something like Awesome N64 Development or Awesome Game Boy Development 

This dev has been trying to collect at least some resources:


Great idea. There is a pretty extensive resources list on the nesdev discord as well.

Does Mapper 28 support MMC3? 


There's may be some configuration of MMC3 that might work, but I'm not an expert, and you wouldn't be able to use the features of the mapper like scanline counters, etc.

Mapper-specific advice:
  • NROM-128: Be careful not to write to $8000-$FFFF. Test with a breakpoint on writes to ROM.
  • NROM, CNROM: Be careful not to overwrite CHR ROM. Test with a breakpoint on writes to PPU $0000-$1FFF.
  • NROM, CNROM, ANROM, BNROM: $FFD0-$FFF9 of each 32K PRG ROM bank must be unused.
  • UNROM (2): $FFD0-$FFF9 must be unused.
  • UNROM (180): $BFD0-$BFF9 must be unused.
  • A53: Write to register $81 only once, at the beginning of the program, and match the values written to $80 to the size of the entry: $00-$0F for 32K entries and $10-$1F for 64K entries. Specify whether $FFD0-$FFF9 or $BFD0-$BFF9 is unused.

I'd recommend asking on the nesdev discord though. Pino is a good person to ask.

Ok thanks!

not a question, probably just a sharing moment this free browser based puzzle maker ports to NES so pls feel free to use it if youre making simple nes sokoban likes. give this engine time to shine. thank you

I started a NES game in 6502 earlier this year that I put on hold due to other projects taking precedence. If I finish it, can I submit it since it was within the timeframe of the jam, even if I was unaware of the jam at the time? I鈥檓 not sure if I can finish it up in 3 months but it would be good inspiration to dive back in.


There are no time restrictions on the competition other than the due date. You could be working on a game since 1985, and still enter it in the competition this year. 馃榿