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The Work in Progress - Thread!

A topic by Plueschkatze created Mar 06, 2017 Views: 679 Replies: 2
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I hope we are free to open up a thread? :)

How about sharing some WIPs from everyones projects within this thread?
Like art, screenshots and small update news?!

So we'd just have to scroll through one thread to get a good overview of some of the project people are currently working on? :)

(Or might lemmasoft forum be a better place for a thread like this?)

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We're chugging right along! Got our prologue and chapter one written, and the expressions of 1 of the 2 main love interests! Her name is Nyssa and she's an Oracle who can also pack a bit of a punch! We're going to finish our Kahlil soon, a sphinx who's probably too cool for his own good.

Our NaNoRenO story is going to be a sort of prequel/origin story to the game we're currently heading on our kickstarter! You can can check that out if you want to see other monster girls and boys!

We're joininggggg

our title is "Confederate Rose"

about a mysterious girl who is different by night, and by day. just like the confederate rose.