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WELCOME TO THE Mystery Man Game Jam PAGE!

This is a little game jam I want to do, and there is only one person running this game, Mystery Man/Me

So, lets get started with the stuff and junk!

The Theme Is: Technology Advancing

The Theme is pretty easy to understand, make a game or idea around the theme, Technology Advancing.

  1. Make a game around the Theme and your skill, if a game that is uploaded to the jam that doesn't follow the rules or that is not related to the theme will be removed from the jams page.
  2. You can be in a team of 1-4 people, or you can just do it alone.
  3. No NSFW or Sexual Content. Including Nudity, Alcohol, 
  4. Browser games are okay and fine.
  5. Have a Windows version of your game.
  6. You can use code, assets, and sprites from the past.
  7. You can put your source code in if you want.
  8. You can use any game engine you want.
  9. No paid games.
  10. Credit every single thing you didn't make, including sounds, music, assets, textures, and sprites.
  11. You can you block/Drag And Drop Code if you want.
  12. You can only use code you made yourself.
  13. Try to make your game in the time frame for the jam.
  14. Have Fun!

If you are going to post stuff on twitter related to the jam, use the hashtag #MMGJ.

Also, join the discord server I just made. Its not perfect, but it will be good for making teams, advertising your streams, and just chatting!
Here's the invite:

The time frame of the jam is about a week.

Some other things I want you to note is that I want you to mostly have fun and come up with new ideas. So then in future game jams you participate in, you will have more ideas and have more fun then ever!

So get out there and start making (When the jam starts of course)!
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Credits to MDHR studios For cuphead
Crazy Hover Uber!